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Sherle Wagner founded his company with his wife Rose in 1945 for the purpose of offering extraordinary bathroom fixtures, accessories and hardware. An architect by training, he recognized that the utilitarian does not have to be mundane. Mr. Wagner thus elevated often-overlooked bath elements to an elegance not previously found on the market. First offering an exquisite dolphin faucet with a 24-karat gold finish, Mr. Wagner’s goal was to offer a discerning clientele the opportunity to “complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.” Exquisite craftsmanship and old-world techniques were of utmost importance in presenting his glorious designs.

Mr. Wagner continued his strong appreciation for art and architecture throughout his life. His finely trained and sensitive eye established the foundation for the company’s exquisite esthetic, which is now synonymous with the finest in taste and craftsmanship.

Soon Sherle Wagner was able to count Presidents and movie stars among his glamorous clientele. Today, each piece from Sherle Wagner broad collection is still meticulously fabricated in small batches using old-world techniques in their facility located here in the United States.



One of the best parts of Sherle Wagner’s story is the history of fine craftsmanship behind each project they make. Their factory is in the United States, and it is filled with skilled artisans who bring a tradition of care and refined technique to their individual crafts.




At Sherle Wagner, they strive to realize the goal of the company’s name-sake: to help you “complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.” With Sherle Wagner extraordinary range of products, which come in a symphony of styles, they can turn your dreams of a luxury bathroom into reality.

Cut Crystal Basin Set

Sherle Wagner’s Cut Crystal collection will illuminate the elegance of your home while adding an element of refracted beauty.  Expertly hand-cut fittings and fixtures reflect the textures and colors of nearby objects, adding sparkle and depth to your bath, sink or shower.

Adam Basin Set

Subtle yet ornamental.  The Adam Bar Set is handsome and clean, strong and delicate.  Available in a variety of metals and finishes.

Dolphin Basin Set

The Dolphin Basin Set is a Sherle Wagner classic.  Designed by Mr. Wagner himself, it has graced the homes of discerning clientele for decades.  Available in a variety of metals and finishes.

Classic Bar Set

Sherle Wagner’s Classic Collection is a nod to the design sensibility of the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century.   Like the art of this period, the Classic Bar Set combines traditional elements of Greek architecture with the clean lines of modern design.  Available in a variety of metals and finishes.

Ribbon & Reed Bar Set

The ribbon and reed motif finds its origins in Roman architecture, where it is a symbol of power and authority.  A long time a favorite in European and American design, the Ribbon & Reed Bar Set will bring a timeless appeal to your home.

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