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There is a precise philosophy behind MGM's success - giving stone back its true value, prestige and naturalness, in order to keep in contact with nature, modernity and elegance.

With support from the family-run business Bresciana Graniti S.p.A., MGM can count on state-of-the-art processing methods, giving cuttings and patterns worthy of the most capable craftsmen and architects of bygone times, to meet the needs of ever more demanding professionals and customers.

MGM’s love of stone can clearly be seen in the magnificent Stone Gallery in Nuvolera, near Brescia, which is open to the public and displays a vast collection of over 500 different materials.

The exceptional aesthetic impact of quality marble is enhanced by the semi-precious stones that go into MGM designs for customers seeking something out of the ordinary.

MGM Background

MGM Marmi is the result of the Guarda familyís lengthy experience in marble working, their skills passed down through the generations since 1960. Over the years, their original passion has been enhanced by experience and cutting-edge technology, which gradually enabled the company to improve the service it offers.

A lengthy period of growth, driven by a passion for stone and its history, that has earned the company international renown as one of the best in the business.

MGM has been involved in many major projects in the "Buildings" sector - such as the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles, Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome, Kensington Palace Gardens in London, the EU headquarters in Brussels and the Japan Center in Frankfurt ñ as well as the residential sector.

Many of MGM customers are people of world standing, first and foremost the King of Jordan, not to mention famous showbiz personalities such as Rod Stewart, Sting and some of the former Spice Girls, and the footballer David Beckham.

The Stone Gallery is a unique collection of marble, stone, onyx, alabaster, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones from all over the world. The brainchild of Umberto and Laura Guarda, it contains over 500 different materials, catalogued and framed like true works of art.

Another prestigious collection is the Marmoteca, which contains rare stones not featuring in the Stone Collection.

MGM is able to keep up with the times precisely because it is respectful of tradition. It has earned itself a unique standing by dedicating all its resources to ensuring satisfied customers, offering creations truly worthy of the poetry and magic of stone.

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