Glass Design - Outstanding Bath Sink Collections with Various Materials

TeknoForm® is a polymer-based material. It expresses itself by enhancing the surface of its products. From mosaics to stone, from marble to wood, an incredible variety of solutions can be realized in creating unique products.

A high-tech product, both elegant and contemporary, born from a merger of aluminum alloys. The decorations are brush-painted, employing a special brush technique in order to obtain a bi-chromatic effect. The board is brushed and polished by hand to enhance the soul and color, which are typical for this material.

Murano® glass is a synonym for elegance and timelessness. By combining innovative techniques with traditional artisan workmanship, unique, prestigious and inimitable objects are created.

Exclusive collections created from pure crystal with 24% lead content. These utmost refined products are mouth-blown and bevelled in stone by our master artists according to the most ancient and noble glass arts. Neither machines nor technology are employed in the process, resulting in classical, contemporary or futuristic art products.

The “Florence Glass Atelier” project is inspired by embedding the philosophy of the fashion world into product research. The focus lays on enhancing crystal material with colours and textures of fashion trends.

The products of the INOX ZERO Collection are made out of stainless steel (18/8), utilising advanced production processes enabling the combination of expressive design with of low weight. A wide range of colors can be achieved, from timeless metallic shades to prestigious brushed and avant-garde colors.

Siliconio®, is the latest development in the family of silicone materials. Featuring unique designs based on its elasticity, it allows for rigorous shapes, benefiting from the great potential of the material, being amongst the most unique and original. It is a material of touch: soft, elastic, sensual – simply unique. Siliconio® can be bent and folded in any possible way, always returning to its original form once released. Siliconio®, is water-repellent and, soft, thus reducing the risk of injury, but also resistant to extreme temperatures from -60°C to +250°C, washable, self-extinguishing, non-toxic and with excellent chemical resistance characteristics. Siliconio® is ‘Touch design’ at its very best.

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