Q & A Series 3: Kitchen Renovations

Canaroma Bath & Tile Q & A series.
Interview with Shari Andreucci, Design & Sales Rep.
Q: What are customers asking first for foremost when undergoing a kitchen renovation?
Shari: Primarily they select four areas of the following kitchen products.
- kitchen sinks

- kitchen faucets
- backsplash tiles

- kitchen floor tiles

Q: What are the prevailing trends in kitchen sinks and faucets?
Shari: The most popular is the modern stainless steel sinks. The choice is either a 90 degree corner or a slight curved radius. Another popular kitchen sink is a Trough sink, which is a larger sink to accommodate larger pots and pans. As a matter of fact I have one in my kitchen and I find it extremely versatile for most of my cooking needs.

The older style double bowl sinks are a thing of the past; heavy and ineffective and devoid of customer demand.
I find that our customers have made a huge investment in their newly renovated  kitchen and they expect their kitchen products to be of the same calibre in quality, durability and style. Especially when it comes to kitchen sinks and faucets. They are partial to faucets with exceptional quality and durability due to the high frequency of use.
Q: What kind of role does the commercial kitchen faucet play in the scheme of popularity?
Shari: It does not seem as common as the  goose neck faucet with an integrated pull out application. Understandably, this product has become our biggest seller. The brands are: Hansgrohe, Grohe, and KWC. I have installed a goose neck faucet with an integrated pull out in my kitchen and it is very versatile, I could not go back to Not having a pullout.
Q: Do you offer suggestions and recommendations for a kitchen sink as well as assist in coordinating style and design?

Shari: Most certainly. I offer practical solution to our customers, for an example, when selecting a modern sink I would suggest a modern streamline kitchen faucet to complement and a soap dispenser as an added touch.

Q: What kind of assistance do you provide a customer for kitchen backsplash and floors?
Shari: For starters, a customer could browse through our  gallery of tiles featuring a fantastic selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles in many textures, colors and patterns. The quality of the tiles, manufactured in Italy, North America and Spain are by far the best quality and design you can find.

Q: Can we discuss your own kitchen renovation?

Shari: Absolutely. My old kitchen was small and since we have a large family and love to entertain, I decided to expand and renovate my kitchen. I love an open kitchen concept which meant I had to remove the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Now I have a great kitchen which is 33' L x 18' W, great for parties and that large Italian family.
Q: There are so many brands of kitchen faucets and sinks to choose from, what did you select for your own kitchen?

Shari: I choose a Franke Orca trough single sink in stainless steel, a Hansgrohe streamline high arc pull out faucet, a single stainless steel island sink with a prep. faucet. For the kitchen backsplash I went with a 2x4 porcelain tile that has a similar tone to my kitchen cabinets that are chocolate brown in colour, Shaker style.

Q: What makes you special from your competitors for us to be confident with your service?
Shari: With my 15yrs of experience in bathroom and kitchen coordination and product knowledge,  I'm in a unique position to offer my expertise in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom renovation. I'm able to discuss and recommend products, color coordination, design etc. for any budget allocation in order to meet my customer's needs.