Q & A Series 2: Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles for the Home

Canaroma Bath & Tile Q & A series.
Interview with Vanessa Piacentini: Interior Decorator / Tile Coordinator

Q: What are the reasons to use ceramic wall tiles in the home?

Vanessa: Our Canaroma tiles in select series are designed to allow different colored grout to be applied to create optional color variations and mood. When the ceramic mosaic wall tile is completely grouted on the wall, it looks like an entire continuous piece of wall covering.

Q. What textured imitation porcelain stone tiles can be used for shower enclosures, waterfall background features and other wet areas without being concerned about treating the tiles?

Vanessa:  We have 3 beautiful wall tiles in earthtone colors in 2"x2" on a 18x35 format and we will be introducing about 10 more new wall tile colors in the new year.

Q: Why is the Carrera Blanco such a top seller when it comes to porcelain and ceramic tiles for residential, retail, restaurants and commercial application?

Vanessa: It's made to look like the classic Bianco Carrera marble. Customers love the look because the colors and the organic veining patterns are consistent. The
Bianco Carrera ceramic and porcelain is always white with warm gray tones, whereas in the natural marble one may find some slabs with a blue gray tinge within, thus creating inconsistency The 12"x35" tile size is also similar to the natural marble stone slab and is rectified.

Our new 2"x2" glazed ceramic tile in a 12x35 format with the Carrera pattern is a great design complement and it gives the space a touch of glamour, an added punch.

Q: If a customer doesn't want to deal with any removal of the existing floor tiles and wants a simple and easy installation, is there a floor tile that is suitable?

Vanessa: Yes, it's our cliker tile system. cli-ker is an innovative and exclusive dry tile-laying system which allows the tiles to be swiftly and cleanly laid, with no cement, nor grout to the joints and more importantly no waste rubble.  Applying this system eliminates the need for additional or unnecessary extra work and mitigate the generation of waste during the tile-laying process, consequently reducing tile-laying costs and making it easy to refurbish floors in a way that guarantees comfort and functionality.

Q: What are the advantages for using porcelain hardwood floor tiles instead of natural hardwood floor planks?

Vanessa: Porcelain hardwood floor tiles are virtually chip resistant, whereas the natural wood floor would dent, and get discolored as it easily absorbs spills. The bacteria from the moisture would result in defacing a superb surface.

Since porcelain hardwood floor tiles are made of non-organic materials and the absorption rate is less than 0.03% there is no concern for mold or bacteria buildup.

Natural wood floors show dust more easily and require more maintenance, whereas porcelain hardwood floor tiles are easy wiped clean for a worry free maintenance.

Porcelain hardwood floor application is recommended to be widely used in every living area of the house, including the foyer, living room, dining room or against a wall going up the stairs. The Porcelain hardwood collection of rectified porcelain tiles replicate the look and feel of new or distressed hardwood and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Planks can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Q: What kind of floor tiles do you recommend for the dining and living room?

Vanessa: The type of porcelain hardwood floor tiles in these areas  should be superior to the other parts of the home with attractive furnishings and accessories. A homeowner should consider using tiles that are made to look like nature stone such as marble, onyx, travertine, Sisile, hardwood, etc. We carry all these products in our tile department and more.

Q: What about the use of large format tiles for a kitchen backsplash instead of the usual mosaics tiles or subway style tiles?

Vanessa: Absolutely. The larger tiles such as a 13x40 and 12x35 make a great alternative which would require less grout, making it less messy, and easier to clean. There are so many different options to choose depending on what compliments the overall finishes of your kitchen. When coming to our bath & tile showroom, key things to remember when choosing a backsplash please bring in a sample of your countertop and finish of the cabinetry.

Q: Is this a new trend for kitchen backsplashes?

Vanessa: No, it's a Canaroma Bath & Tile trend.