2019 Bathroom Trends

Modern wall-hung vanities in wood

Natural wood bathroom vanities with clear stains to show off its grain pattern details and knots is a big trend in 2019. Wooden vanities where you can see it's intrinsic grain patterns and knots add tactile and visual interest to the bathroom. Natural woods always evokes a warm and soothing feeling to any space so selecting it as your vanity material is becoming increasingly popular.

Natural woods in general breathes quit well and wood is porous in nature so it will help absorb moisture, making it a great option for the bathroom. Basic care is still necessary, such as wiping down any excess water so you can maintain the beauty and life of your vanity.

Vanico Soho Wall-hung bathroom vanity 5/8” thick wood veneer in maple, beech or riftcut oak. Stained and protected by two coats of clear lacquer. The VANICO-MARONYX exclusive cut is characterized by a refined linear graining and almost invisible matching.


Freestanding tubs

The freestanding tub as the main aesthetical focal point in a master bathroom is still very popular. It projects a sense of sophistication and luxuriousness to the bathroom. In a recent poll, 7 out of 10 homeowners preferred a freestanding tub versus a corner or inset bathtub.

Freestanding tubs come in a multitude of shapes: square, oval, round, asymmetrical or rectangular. The two most popular material are the solid surface stone and high quality Lucite acrylic.

Knief Neo Freestanding Tub
Neo - Following the most favoured designs of its brothers Cool and Form, this beautiful modern design bathtub fulfills all parameters of luxury bathing comfort and high end design. Reduced dimensions allow the cozy surrounding of a smaller bathroom without loosing bathing comfort due to generous dimensions in the bath. The high quality double skin production from best cross linked, double cast Lucite® acrylic sheets with a wall thickness of up to 50 mm enables highest stability with little weight and optimal insulation.


Black matte faucets

For the past few years, black matte faucets are showing up mainly in bathrooms and kitchens. Chrome used to reign supreme, but today, it's all about matte black. This finish definitely makes a big bold statement in your space. You could also matte black for flooring, window frames, cabinet pulls and fixtures to keep the look cohesive.
Black matte faucets with neutral background colors, such as gray, white or natural light woods in the bathroom gives them a very modern and up-to-date look. A matte finish hides smudges and fingerprints better than chrome, helping lessen the time for cleaning.

CEA Ziqq Bath Faucet
CEA’s hand-crafted stainless steel tapware and accessories combine innovative style and form with longstanding experience in the plumbing and construction industry to produce an elite product to enhance any
bathroom or kitchen environment. Ziqq is a collection of taps, controls, shower heads, bathtub and shower sets, including dual-lever a hydro progressive mixers.

Black Diamond is the exclusive new finish in stainless steel available in a satin or polished finish. With the combination of graphite and diamond powder, which increases the hardness and gloss the surface, it
has extraordinary resistance to external scratches and chemical corrosion.

Large format porcelain tiles

Large format porcelain tiles, also known as large scale tiles are available in 300x100cm and a minimum thickness of 3.5mm. Using such large-format tiles significantly reduce grout lines to present a seamless look. Being highly versatile the tiles offer a multitude of possibilities.  You could choose to have a full classic and timeless carrara marble book-matched wall as the backdrop to your freestanding tub as bespoke detail that optimizes elegance and luxury.

Panaria Trilogy Porcelain Tile Collection

Available Sizes: 100x300 cm, 100x100 cm, 50x100 cm
Tile Thickness: 5,5 mm 5plus
Surfaces: Soft, Lux

3 surfaces, 3 technologies, and 3 different ceramic interpretations all
in one unique collection for cladding any space with delicate nuances of
the highest quality marble. Trilogy brings together the solidity of porcelain stoneware, the lightness of thin large-format slabs, and the sophistication of inimitable ceramic decorations.

Mosaic Tile statement walls
An artistic and unique creativite mosaic wall tile feature will make the entire place pop. Mosaic tile patterns can morph from the classic and traditional decorations to more modern patterns thanks to the new cutting edge technique developed by top tile and mosaic manufacturers. The possibilities are endless, as it allows you to personalize your inspirational artistry to create a sophisticated appearance with texture and color. If you're looking to make a bold statement, combine various patterns with color palettes and styles.

Sicis Orientale Mosaic Tile Collection
SICIS mosaic tile inspiration runs along the Silk Road to the boundaries
of dusk.‎ OrienTale is a wonderful world to cross, featuring the unique
fascination of an almost synaesthetic experience.‎ Forms and colours in
muted quiet, landscapes that envelop you like kimonos delicately brushed
by the breath of a summer breeze.‎ In OrienTale, nature is perfected in
the details of an instant, revealing order and balance in the decisive
stroke of Murano glass animated gracefully by the chromatic phrasing of
the iridescent glass.‎