Knief & Co. bathtub

Share Knief's fascination on architecture, design and luxury and discover their vast collection of extraordinary designs which will inevitably inspire you!

Interior designs have elevated the bathroom to an oasis of sophistication and relaxation. Knief & Co. is one of the leading European specialists in the manufacturing of solid surface as well as acrylic architectural products.

Kindly be invited to join the tour of design, elegance, architecture and inspiration and discover K | STONE® solid surface bathroom series and AquaPlus® range of freestanding acrylic bathtubs.

Whether the purpose is an individual architecture project or the creation of a commercial range: the variety in form, design and color is nearly endless. Knief & Co.’s collections are not only aesthetically stunning – they are convincing in regard to function.

K | STONE®, a remarkable range of coordinated bathroom series developed by German manufacturer, Knief & Co. Designed by the award-winning Peter Jamieson,K | STONE’s, iconic range boasts fluid, sculptural shapes that make it the embodiment of modern bathroom design. Velvety matt or high glossy finish of its solid surface material invites the touch, while innovative functionality comes from the high tech material in the form of being 100% durable, stain resistant and impermeable. Choose from 7 coordinated series, furniture and accessories and add a one of a kind character to your bathroom.

Aqua Plus® harmonically integrates into individually coordinated design concepts and spatial situations. With its extraordinarily varied design vocabulary, the collection presents itself in the categories modern designs, traditional designs, special designs and classic designs to accommodate individual preferences in style. Pleasing and fresh designs, linear or curved, symmetrical or asymmetrical, freestanding or installed…, they all create a unique and aesthetically coherent atmosphere. And with their perfect ergonomics, they will fulfill every wish when it comes to personal comfort.

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