A family bathroom signed Vanico-Maronyx

A family bathroom signed Vanico-Maronyx

If you are thinking of using a family bathroom, optimizing storage space and using durable and easily maintained materials are both equally important.

Specialized in bathroom furniture for more than 40 years, the Canadian manufacturer Vanico-Maronyx offers different solutions to optimize this room.


Suggested materials

Melamine: an almost perfect wood imitation but easier to maintain and less expensive as well.

Thermo: anything created using this material, such as moulded doors, is super resistant to water splashes.

Single sink one-piece countertop created using UNIMAR 3.0 (stone dust held together with resin): The sink and counter are fused together without any visible seams making it very easy to clean!

Quartz: excellent choice because of its sturdiness, durability and its resistance to bacteria!


Pro tips!

If you use compartmentalized storage, each member of the family can have their own section.

You can also add a toe-kick drawer under the vanity. It will mainly offer more storage but it can also be used to install a safe footstool for kids. Another benefi t is that you will no longer need a plastic stool next to the vanity!

You should also make sure that the mirror is at the right height for any children in the house, the footstool will help with that.

Medicine cabinets with secure compartments are key to store your medication while staying out of reach of children.

If you choose the option with integrated ambiance lighting, it could serve as a nightlight for the children.


Recommended collection

The NEOLITO collection was created to offer efficient storage options, even in small bathrooms! Everything mentioned above can be added to this series which will make your daily routine easier.