BainUltra - Bathing for Back Pain

back pain bathtub“…more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives and that total costs of the condition are estimated at greater than $100 billion annually…” - UNC School of Medicine

Chance are you, or someone in your home is suffering from chronic back pain, which can range from mild discomfort to severely debilitating.

Backpain and neck pain are often related

What can cause backpain?

Some common causes are…
  • Genetic factors, how your body was formed during birth
  • Posture (do you sit in a chair for most of the day?)
  • Physical activity (hitting the gym is great but do you stretch and have proper form?)
  • Shoes (those heels may look good but they could be damaging your health)
  • Mattresses and sleep patterns
  • Lack of physical activity (allows muscles to atrophy and spine has no support)
Do any of these sound familiar?


How to Treat Backpain

Having a “pain in the back” is nothing new. Throughout history different cultures developed methods and remedies for treating back pain. As modern science took over medicine those ideas were studied and refined further.

Diagnosing the cause of backpain became easier and so too did prescribing the appropriate treatment.In the most severe cases surgery could be required. However, most people can help treat their back pain through lifestyle factors.

Chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, medication are the most common ways people treat backpain. Yet many people don’t think about their back and preventative care until they begin to suffer. The most common method for combating back pain is massage and there is a reason for that. It works.

Still most people don’t have access to massages regularly. A massage at least once a week is recommended. However, the time, money and access can be difficult for many families.


The Solution: Hydro-Thermo Massage

The unique combination of air, water and heat therapy provided by a BainUltra bathtub is an effective way to get a high-quality massage at home while relaxing and taking a bath.

The heated backrest of a BainUltra bathtub helps relax muscles, increase blood flow and melt away pinched nerves, knotted muscle and tissue.

BainUltra bathtubs have been engineered with therapy in mind.

The unique movement of the air coming out of the jets in the bath provides firstly a hygienic bathing experience, secondly a very high-quality massage.

As the air is forced into the tub with a strong pressure it breaks into bubbles and those bubbles hit the lower back first, kneading into the muscle tissue and breaking it apart. They then travel up the spine between the back of the tub and the bather massaging as they go. This gives the bather all the benefits of a professional hands on massage.


The Difference a BainUltra can Make in Your Life

A BainUltra therapeutic bath does more than just aid those suffering with backpain. Learn more about the benefits of owning a BainUltra by speaking with a BainUltra expert at Canaroma.

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