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BainUltra has expanded its newest VIBECollection to include three fabulous therapeutic tubs, each with its own modern aesthetic and fashion-forward style. Inspired by city skylines, the VIBE concept was designed for the next generation of bathers, particularly those urban millennials who want to create an oasis of relaxation in their space-challenged lofts or high-rise condos. The newest VIBE tubs bring additional flexibility and installation options to this contemporary collection, making it easy for city sophisticates to incorporate restorative bathing rituals into their daily routines.

The VIBE Back To Wall 5828 features an ingenious design that allows the tub to be installed snugly against a wall. This smart engineering lets designers and consumers achieve the look of a freestanding tub without sacrificing valuable floor space. Measuring 58” x 28” x 21”, the sophisticated tub has gently sloped sides and clean minimalist lines.

Chic and inviting, the VIBE OVAL 5830 provides an exceptionally comfortable bathing experience with a 26˚ slope at the backrest. Its classic silhouette and gentle curves are perfectly at home in any décor setting. Measuring 58” X 30” x 21”, the tub is well suited for smaller bathrooms without sacrificing comfort.

The elegant styling of the new freestanding VIBE DESIGN 6033 features a slightly wider bathing well for total relaxation. Its generous 60” x 33” x 21” dimensions provide ample space to stretch out and a luxurious soaking experience for the bather.

VIBE tubs are offered in three stunning finishes – a traditional glossy white, a sophisticated Ultravelour matte or an eye-catching black-and-white look. The collection is BainUltra’s latest achievement in their commitment to designing beautiful baths with a host of wellness therapies. VIBE tubs use their signature Thermomasseur air-jet technology to provide Hydro-Thermo Massage®, including the Geysair® hot air system that brings soothing warmth and a more consistent bath temperature. Other therapy options include Illuzio® chromatherapy with colorful lighting to soothe, energize and balance, and WarmTouchShell® which radiates heat from within the tub’s shell. Together, these therapy options create an extraordinary experience that allows bathers to relax and renew the body, mind and spirit.

Discover the striking sophistication and versatility offered by VIBE. Each of these exceptional tubs are visually stunning and an important focal point for a wellness-focused lifestyle. For more information on the VIBE Collection, visit


For over 40 years, BainUltra®, a Canadian company, has helped customers throughout North America improve their personal health. While they’ve pioneered the development of therapeutic air jet baths, their mission over the years has evolved. Today, they offer an integrated line of products that help consumers improve relaxation, health and well-being right in their own homes. The company’s mission is to transform the bathroom from the ordinary to the inspired, by making it a fully personalized space that uses the best designs and therapies that will cater to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. BainUltra uses the latest advances in hydrotherapy - incorporating heat, massage, light, sound and aroma - to reinvent the bathing experience.