DECOTEC Bathroom Furniture and Accessories

DECOTEC PARIS INC. is one of Canaroma’s major suppliers of bathroom furniture and accessories. Their furniture is manufactured entirely in France, and, as they offer choices for all lifestyles and budgets, Canaroma’s showroom follows suit by featuring pieces from the JULES, EPURE and BELLAGIO collections.

DECOTEC is proud to continue this tradition of choice with its newest collections.

BELLAGIO’s slightly retro look is a true showstopper with its solid walnut corners.

JOLIE MÔME is a compact alternative evocative of the ‘70s that is as cute as it is practical. And it hides a surprisingly large storage space under a ceramic washbasin.

CONCORDE has a timeless look whose washbasins come in both rectangular Ceramyl® and oval ceramic finishes.

VIRTUOSE, with its basin that seems to float in air, enjoys a unique interior where natural eucalyptus contrasts with full-grain leather.

The hand-wash basin CÔNE, shown in chic Black matte, is characterized by its new innovative design. The seam is fully hidden by CÔNE’s structure for the benefit of the simplest & purest design.

The EPURE collection has just added a double vanity in its 140cm width, rounding out (pun intended) this collection with a beautiful matching LED mirror.

DECOTEC’s collections are available in a wide range of glossy and matte lacquer or Soft Touch finishes. The vanities have fully extending drawers with integrated shock absorbers (some of which are finished inside with natural beech wood) and doors equipped with an integrated soft-close mechanism. The washbasins and worktops are available in a wide range of materials and finishes: Translucent Resin, Ceramic, Solid Surface, and Ceramyl®, a synthetic material created and developed exclusively by DECOTEC.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, retro, modern, classic, or relaxed ambiance, DECOTEC can make it happen. Canaroma’s staff receives continuous in-depth training to ensure that YOUR purchase reflects YOUR lifestyle. All you need to do is choose! Happy shopping!