Franke Kitchen Faucet - Planar 8 Flex



Kitchen faucets are no longer simply a conduit to fill your sink.  The variety of finish choices, handle options, and spray functions available elevate the kitchen faucet to a sculptural element, with a whole host of chore-busting functions.  And be sure to consider soap dispensers, and cold and hot water dispensers with matching finishes for a completely coordinated profile.


About Franke

Franke is a Swiss company operating in a number of different markets on a global scale. The company was formed in 1911, and Franke produced their first sink in 1925.
Franke is the World's largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks and faucets, and is at the forefront of research and development of new materials and products for the kitchen. Franke Kindred Canada is a part of the Franke Kitchen Systems Group.
The modern kitchen faucet and sink have come a long way from their's humble beginnings. 
Now kitchen faucets and sinks are designed to be good looking, even fashionable, as well as functional. And options are much wider in terms of materials, colours, styles and formats. Franke is always at the forefront of design implementation in the manufacture of new models and materials.