hansgrohe showers

Showering is wellness – with products by hansgrohe

hansgrohe showers are as individual as your needs. Choose your favorite from among our hand and overhead showers, shower sets and shower systems. Benefit from diverse, award-winning designs, innovative technologies and our high quality standards. No matter whether you want to spruce up your shower area or redesign it completely: We also have solutions for small budgets. 

More shower enjoyment at low cost

Bathroom upgrades needn’t always involve great expense or effort. By simply replacing individual components, such as a hand shower, you will notice a distinct change. Our shower heads gently douse you in water, are wonderfully refreshing and give an invigorating body massage. Installation is child’s play and possible in every home. Simply unscrew the old hand shower and screw in the new shower. That’s it. Do you want to replace the old shower bar, too? Then we recommend a shower set consisting of wallbar and hand shower. There are even wallbars that can be variably installed using existing screw holes. Whether you decide to simply replace the hand shower or opt for a shower set: You will benefit from a super-quick solution.

Showering in large format

If you think a little bigger, a shower system may be the solution for you. hansgrohe shower systems consist of an overhead and hand shower connected to one another via a bar. For even more comfort, there are variants with integrated single-lever faucets or a thermostat. Multi-jet overhead showers with massage effect turn your shower into a daily feel-good ritual. Simply attach to the existing wall connections and shower away.
Are you planning a whole new bathroom? Then there are nearly no limits to your ideas. With hansgrohe overhead showers, you can choose from a very wide variety of designs and sizes. Our overhead showers can be installed in different ways: optionally via a shower arm on the wall, from above or embedded entirely in the ceiling.
Everything comes with accessories to match: Shower hoses, practical shelves storage areas or grab bars. hansgrohe accessories: for added comfort.

Sustainable shower enjoyment and great ease of operation

The accents hansgrohe showers set are not just visual. They also often harbor sophisticated technologies: EcoRight reduces water consumption to up to 6 liters/minute. With hansgrohe AirPower, benefit from rich, soft drops (thanks to admixture of air). And with Select, conveniently click your way through a repertoire of 16 spray modes at the touch of a button. Innovative technologies by hansgrohe set standards.