Therapeutic and massage tubs by Produits Neptune

Chromatherapy for multi-sensory experience

Produits Neptune, the leader in therapeutic and massage tubs, offers a complete range of system combos that can relax or stimulate you. In addition to enhancing your bath time, the products are perfectly hygienic and adapt to any bathroom’s unique style. 

Every month we will demystify new and exciting features so be sure to keep checking back in. Many of the products work on their own or are combined with whirlpool and massage systems for a multisensory journey into relaxation. Some examples: The Tonic System, Rayola or, this month’s feature: Chromatherapy.



Add the right colour and stimulate all your senses.

The Chromatherapy option adds the beneficial effects of colour therapy which impacts your subconscious mind and sooths your body for a superior bathing experience. Each colour has a therapeutic effect on a specific energy chakra in your body. An ideal complement to any of our massage systems, Chromatherapy creates the ambiance you want as you relax in pure comfort.

The origin of Chromatherapy goes back as far as the ancient traditional medicines in India, China and Greece. These colour harmonization methods are said to enable the body’s natural healing process. Each color has a specific vibration wave length, and rhythm. 

Chromatherapy offers physical benefits as well as mental and emotional ones. The colours push your inner energy to reach a state that will enable the process of self-healing.

Red: activates Blood circulation

Orange: stimulates respiratory and nervous systems.

Yellow: stimulates intellectual abilities and improves concentration

Green: soothes nervousness and harmonizes emotions

Aquamarine: soothes the mind and physical pain

Blue: opens mind and provides calming effect

Purple: harmonizes emotions

Built into the contours of the tub, Chromatherapy is composed of one, two, or four powerful lightning fixtures. The clean design is streamlined and adapted to the style of your bathtub, Chromatherapy creates a soothing or energizing ambiance depending on the colour you choose.

For a multisensory experience, Chromatherapy takes your bathing ritual to new heights. With just a few clicks, you can create a relaxing or invigorating ambiance to suit your needs with a built-in bath lighting system. The installment diffuses luminous colourful rays with effects that are either relaxing, stimulating or soothing depending on your mood.