Vanico-Maronyx Bathroom Vanities

“Form follows function”

In his 1896 essay “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.”, Louis H. Sullivan, a young American architect, wrote a sentence that would become famous: “Form follows functions.”  He was trying to convey that an architect should consider the use of the interior of the building when designing the exterior.

The principle has been transferred to product design. The exterior of a cabinet won’t necessarily reveal the hidden utility included, but the end user and its habits will inspire and almost dictate what functions or options will be included.

At Vanico Maronyx functionality is part of our core. We consider every action taken in the bathroom by every member of the family. We love giving a lot of possibilities to customers so they can plan their perfect bathroom.

In the last blog post, we showcased how modularity and personalized size can help you optimize your space. 

Now, let’s see what useful accessories you could choose to improve your daily routine! 

Hair care and makeup:

Who doesn’t feel good on a great hair day? Choose these 2 vanity options to always have your dryer and iron on hand.


With the stainless-steel removable hair dryer holder, store your hair dryer in your main drawer and install it on your side when you need it.

The protective tray protects your countertop and the iron holder helps conveniently storing your flat iron even when hot.

With interior mirrors, see the back of your head for perfect hair styling.

You like to pamper yourself and look your best? Tired of cleaning facial hair?

The Styling station will please you, it includes; interior LED lighting, a magnifying mirror, a magnetic barber cape and Interior mirrors for 360° view (doors and back).

Lighting and electricity

Set the desired ambiance with mood lighting and dimmable DEL.

If you don’t like the look of a GFCI, we have many options ton conceal it in an open linen or medicine cabinet.

Storage and organization

Organize your storage with dividers or toe-kick drawer. Get rid of your small waste bin and laundry basket. Conceal everything in the furniture.

Drawer divider

Waste and recycling bins for 9 to 18″ module

Laundry basket available in a vanity or linen cabinet.

Family and security

You live with young children or have young grandchildren? Install a toe-kick drawer booster step.


Secure your medicine with a locked compartment.

Have hand soap readily available for the little ones with a top filling countertop soap dispenser. With all these possibilities, create your perfect Canadian made bathroom furniture. Come visit Canaroma to learn more about Vanico Maronyx collections. Our specialized sales rep will assist you!