Vanico-Maronyx’s tips to renovate a small bathroom

Creating a small bathroom comes with its own set of challenges. The sink base should be chosen with care so as to maximize storage and to make sure it fits in with the overall design. Here are our tips on how to maximize functionality in a small space without compromising on style!

Pro tips!

Choose a sober design and pale colors to prevent the room being too dark.

To make the room look larger, you could use a wall mounted sink base or a vanity with legs or opened niches.

The best choice would be a small sink. Another option would be to choose an off-centered sink to have more room on the countertop.

If you want to optimize storage, a medicine cabinet with integrated lighting will be better than just a mirror as it will illuminate the room as well as making it look larger.

Certain models use a toe-kick drawer under the vanity for extra storage. To conserve the impression of lightness that wall mounted furniture provides, it should be another color, preferably a lighter tone, than your vanity.

Installing an auxiliary medicine cabinet will also allow you to use the space above the toilet that is usually lost.

You could also install a linen cabinet next to the vanity. Some even offer storage in the door like a fridge to add even more functionality to it.

Recommended collections

Our collections always offer different models of sink bases each available in many dimensions. We have also developed a series whose sole purpose is to optimize storage in small bathrooms. The MINI series offers vanities that are only 18" to 48" wide and 12" or 16" deep.