Active Antibacterial Tiles

Antibacterial Tiles

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic Tiles

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is the result of years of commitment and sensitivity that GranitiFiandre have shown towards ecosustainability.

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is the latest form of ceramics that helps to purify the air that we breathe offering cleaner, more hygienic and ultimately healthier floors and coverings, which also reflects on the environment in which we live.

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ has transformed GranitiFiandre slabs into an exceptional eco-active, non-polluting and antibacterial material. In fact, Active interacts with the environment by reducing pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide up to 70%. These are either generated by irresponsible industrial activities or derive from heating, air conditioning, cigarette smoke, odours, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, benzene and ethanol. As well as anti-pollution properties it has also an antibacterial action: Active eliminates dangerous bacterial strains that tend to damage surfaces and coverings, such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. These are the pathogens of potentially serious diseases.

How is all this possible?
It is thanks to the action of titanium dioxide (TiO2) that is applied to the slabs at high temperature. Through simple exposure to light this activates the photocatalysis process, which is responsible for the product’s antipollution and bactericidal properties.

The above treatment is applied by following an innovative, sophisticated and exclusive production method developed by GranitiFiandre.

Completely different from the common and less effective systems based on nanotechnology (nowadays controversial in the scientific field for their potential harm to human health), the ACTIVE method retains the ecoactive properties of titanium dioxide in time and excludes any risk to human health and to the environment during the manufacturing process: a veritable revolution in the world of flooring and coating materials.

Antibacterial floor tilesACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is environmentally friendly: 1,000 m2 of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ material has the same beneficial effect of 300 trees (220 m2 of leafage).

ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is clean: outdoor coverings made with ACTIVE slabs are dirt repellent, as photocatalysis prevents smog from settling on them. This practically eliminates the need to use detergents. A simple shower and the rain will wipe the exterior wall surface clean.

ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™is safe: tests performed on ACTIVE slabs guarantee their effectiveness both as outdoor and indoor coverings and as flooring. Thanks to their properties, ACTIVE slabs are suitable (in fact recommended) for environments where cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene are important requirements: residences, wellness centres, hotels, restaurants, gyms, schools, surgeries, laboratories and hospitals.

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