Alape sinks. Modern sinks for the bathroom

Alape sinksAlape Built-in basins, Semi-recessed basins, sit-on basins, Dish basins, Washstands

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Every human being has an unmistakable character, which is expressed in the way he designs the places he lives in. To do justice to people's unmistakability, it is important to concentrate on the fundamental concept: the uniqueness of personality and style. Aesthetic solutions from Alape offer individual answers to these demands. As an expression of our personality, they enable a union of the human being and design, character and living environment.

The clear shapes and puristic design are just as characteristic as the high quality and the precise processing of all the materials.

Alape has been working successfully for many years with three award-winning partners who are active internationally in design and architecture. In this way, Alape guarantees a consciously uniform design language, the high quality of which is subordinate to the architecture of the room.

Quality is a continuous process. From the selection of materials through the form language to production, Alape lives a culture of the highest standards. The Alape quality mark guarantees this claim.

Alape Basins include:

  • Built-in sink basins
  • Semi-recessed sink basins
  • Sit-on sink basins
  • Dish sink basins
  • Washstands
  • Washplaces