Alcove tubs, shower doors, toilets & sinks

alcove tubsAlcove Bathtubs, Freestanding tubs, Corner tubs, Alcove Tubs

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Alcove Tubs include

  • Freestanding Bathtubs
  • Rectangular Tubs
  • Oval Tubs
  • Corner Tubs
  • Podium Tubs

Alcove Shower Doors and Shower Bases include

  • Frameless glass sliding doors
  • Pivot shower doors
  • Central sliding shower doors
  • Fixed panel and panel with 180-degree opening angle outward
  • Neo angle shower bases
  • Alcove shower bases
  • Corner shower bases
  • Rectangular shower bases

Alcove Bath Sinks include

  • Rectangular bath sinks
  • Undermount bath sinks
  • Above counter bath sinks
  • Round bath sinks
  • Oval bath sinks
  • Pedestal sinks

Alcove Toilets include

  • One-piece toilets
  • Two-piece toilets

Alcove Shower Columns include

  • Modern style shower columns
  • Transitional style shower columns
  • Malaga Shower Column