Ariana Tiles: Porcelain and Ceramic tiles. Italian made tiles

ARIANA Tiles porcleainSet up in 1967, ABK Group member company Ceramica Ariana has always been amongst the leaders in the Sassuolo ceramic district. Today Ariana is reinventing itself with a new identity and a fresh and meticulously selected range of products. It is a contemporary and unconventional brand aimed at people looking for an alternative idea of ceramic products. 

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Ariana Tile Collections

Ariana collections stand out for their strong personality and sophisticated, unconventional spirit, as well as the quality of their raw materials, the expertise of the company’s manufacturing units and the 100% Italian design. Technology, aesthetic research and a strong focus on decoration combine with elegance and originality to create products that take centre stage in everyday living spaces. Ariana focuses its product research and development efforts on the concept of fusion, bringing together new and surprising styles and inspirations. Ever attentive to the latest trends in interior design, the brand’s main goal is to offer that touch of exclusivity that makes surfaces truly unique. It offers a distinctive blend of creative solutions, prestigious sizes and ever more advanced technical characteristics.


Contemporary Ariana Tile Collections

CREA Tiles: Produced using Ariana’s revolutionary W&P wall tile technology, the CREA collection combines aesthetics and practicality. These 30x120 cm ceramic tiles are light, thin (7mm) and perfectly flat, making them easier to handle, cut and install than conventional porcelain.

They are also extremely durable and immune to post-installation defects.
Another advantage is the fact that their calibres coordinate precisely with those of the porcelain tile collections, ensuring perfectly aligned joints when using different products on adjacent walls or on the floor and walls.

Inspired by plaster and cement, the CREA collection’s post-industrial flavour is tempered by the choice of new pastel shades. The soft, seductive surfaces are characterised by pearly materials alternating with satin backgrounds and unexpected 3D effects. The palette of 5 different shades follows today’s trend of using interacting colours to create enormous compositional potential.

CREA offers a selection of finishes and decorative elements that bring exceptional style and personality to contemporary interior design projects.

CONQUER: CONCREA Tiles is ceramic material at the service of your creativity. Inspired by materials that characterise contemporary architecture and design, such as cement and resins, CONCREA gives life to exceptional harmonious surface designs and shades at the service of interior design, in synergy with the main collections made by ARIANA.

C O N C R E A collection offers an original and innovative interpretation of “industrial” surfaces. Four different textures and finishes are available, which range from light hand-crafted spatolato effects, to the waxy reflections of glossy surfaces and the unexpected soft and brilliant effect of the exclusive LUX+ and SATIN+ finishes. C O N C R E A is a versatile collection of floor and wall tiles designed to meet all design and style requirements with a combination of finishes available in different sizes and 4 refined shades.

Other Contemporary Ariana Tile Collections include:


WOOD Tile Collection

ESSENTIAL: The ARIANA ceramic tile projects are part of a range of single-calibre rectified modular sizes that allow for coordinated use of different tile collections. Ariana has also exploited its stylistic sensibility to select the ideal colours and shades for these interesting new combinations of materials.

Other WOOD Tile Collections include:

  • BALI

STONE/MARBLE Tile Collection

HORIZON: Wide is Ariana’s new collection of 7 mm thick ceramic slabs produced using CONTINUA+ technology. Thanks to their small thickness and large size, these slabs are ideal for use in large residential and commercial spaces, including architectural volumes designed for custom applications.

Other STONE/MARBLE Tile Collections include: