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modern vanityArtelinea: Italian luxury vanities, mirrors, sinks and linen towers

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Italian vanity designer and manufacturer Artelinea has, for more than 30 years, sought to find the perfect, coherent combination of beauty and function. These collections of bathroom vanities use vivid colour schemes and subtle curves which can be mixed to achieve a stunningly individual effect. Artelinea has been producing enameled crystal top vanities for over ten years. Artelinea uses only the most technologically advanced innovative machinery, yet never forgetting the traditional craftsmanship which has always distinguished its bathroom vanities.

The name Artelinea is associated with luxurious glass vanities, glass washbasins and elegant mirrors. Art of glass processing, and balancing on the very edge between imaginable and possible, sets them out as unique manufacturer. Seemingly made entirely out of wood, Artelinea's bathroom furniture consists of slim layer of wood covered with glass. Square or rounded forms, see-through or coloured, simple or richly decorated.

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