Aquos: luxury vanities, Italian designer vanities, glass vanities, wall hung vanity

luxury vanityAQUOS: Modern designer vanities, linen towers and integrated sinks

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AQUOS, the bathroom vanities for fine and demanding customer who believe and ask for the real "made in Italy". An Italian vanity product built to last which will pass the trends and has no time.

AQUOS luxury vanities products are built for those customer which consider elegance their good life style.

The Aquos vanity collection: Aquos Cristal modern vanity... the simplicity becomes elegance. The sobriety of the compositions thanks to the total glass cover, combines perfectly with Aquos crystal tops having the same colours of the mirror frame. Many different colour solutions to meet any bath vanity requirement.

Aquos Bombo vanity...the collection giving space to your emotions. A vanity design with soft and enveloping lines you can put anywhere, in classic or modern environments thanks to the versatility of its finishes and the different vanity tops you may combined with it. Aquos Bombo... the best choice... it's up to you.

Aquos Max vanity proposal to decorate in a modern, practical and elegant way, your bathroom. A modern vanity collection of essential forms and finishes, complete all requirements for space and furnishings. Aquos vanity - Max the right choice in your home.

Aquos Luna vanity The Luna range, a new Aquos collection of modern bathroom vanities. A wall-mounted vanity to satisfy the practical needs of the bathroom with elegance

Aquos Pepe vanity, White pepper, Black pepper Pepe, Bleached Oak and Wenge Pepper to spice up any dish Pepe to add taste to your bathroom. Pepper to make any dish a success Pepe to make any bathroom a success. Pepe, the new collection from Aquos.

Aquos Qubo vanity The purity of the simple forms, the lightness of the symmetrical elements, the well ordered atmosphere of the natural Oak... this is the refined philosophy behind Aquos Qubo. Qubo, a vanity collection of fitted elements to create multiple furnishing solutions, while observing absolute aesthetic minimalism.

Diago vanity The simplicity of the linear designed vanity shapes is what is stands out in the Aquos Diago contemporary vanity collection which, combined with the warmth of the natural Cherry, becomes the ideal solution for a contemporary furnishing layout. 

Aquos Rondo vanity From the skillful mastery of noble cabinet makers comes the Rondo collection. The harmonious forms of shaped doors, turned legs, high quality inlays and the warm colours bring out a classic and elegant style that makes Aquos Rondo the most attractive solution. The Aquos Rondo collection in addition proposes its exclusive console to those who have made simplicity and elegance a way of life. Careful choice of complements such as mirrors in antiqued gold, bronze lights for wall or cornice fitting, ceramic and marble tops, all contribute to enrich the refined content of the Aquos Rondo collection.

Aquos Athos vanity designed to celebrate bathroom furniture in classical style.The use of top quality materials in solid wood and innovative decorations endows the Aquos Athos bath vanity series with an exclusive and harmonious design, ideal for those who love to stand from the rest and who value the sophistication of stylish details. A vast choice of marble tops and striking mirrors, with solid wood surrounds, embossed with gilded and mosaic decoration complete the collection to offer a variety of matching combinations for a demanding clientele that appreciates elegance and quality.

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