Caesar - high quality Italian porcelain stoneware

CAESAR porcelain tilesSince 1988 Caesar has been synonymous with high quality Italian porcelain stoneware, the perfect merger of technology, performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Over the years, the company has achieved important results, so much so that it has become a point of reference in the sale of porcelain stoneware tiles for dealers, building firms, designers and architects, also maturing a specific know-how in evolved solutions of porcelain stoneware floors and wall cladding.

From the very start, Caesar has set itself apart from its rivals by specialising exclusively in the production of porcelain stoneware, thus ensuring today excellent technical know-how in the sector. The broad range of products offered covers different market segments and comes hand in hand with a thorough consulting service that advises on details such as choice of porcelain stoneware materials and through to the solutions that best meet the needs of planners.

Caesar has always invested considerable resources in research, design and innovation to guarantee that customers obtain top quality porcelain stoneware, “100% Made in Italy” and manufactured in complete respect of people and the environment, for the most varied destinations of use in every single corner of the globe (porcelain stoneware floors and walls for interiors and exteriors).

Today Caesar, a company that is part of the Gruppo Concorde, one of the leading ceramic tile holdings in the world, and with an annual production of more than 6 million square meters of porcelain stoneware, exports its products to more than 90 countries and has branch-offices in Italy, the USA and the UK offering a product range of more than 4,000 items, with a thickness ranging up to 20mm, available in 32 sizes and various surface finishes designed to meet different lifestyles and architectural needs.

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Caesar porcelain stoneware for floor and wall cladding is a ceramic product obtained using selected raw materials (such as quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay) via a production process including the firing of ceramic slabs in 100 meter long kilns, where the tiles reach a temperature of 1250°C, in order to achieve the suitable vitrification of the mix that makes the product totally inabsorbent, resistant to abrasion and extremely durable.

The excellent resistance properties combined with the aesthetic appeal of the product have contributed to the success of Caesar ceramic tiles internationally, so much so to make this product the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding.

Caesar’s constant commitment to research (supported by the large investments in avant-garde technology) aims at creating innovative products down to the finest detail, to offer Customers a wide choice in terms of colours, sizes, finishes, thickness and able to cover every single market segment.

Moreover, the continual and stringent controls throughout every single phase of the production process (as proved by the ISO 9001 certification) ensures the top quality of Caesar porcelain stoneware tiles and the compliance with the safety norms in the workplace. The best evidence of the reliability of Caesar porcelain stoneware are the many and prestigious projects across the world, from residential to large-scale commercial venues with high traffic.


Today the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) represents a challenging project on an international level. It is one of the most widespread environmental rating systems in the North-American building industry and is now starting to be adopted throughout the rest of the world. Caesar has been awarded the GBC mark (Green Building Council) as an ordinary member of LEED USA. All Caesar porcelain stoneware ceramics can contribute towards the allocation of LEED credits. Moreover, many Caesar’s products are manufactured using a considerable percentage of recycled pre-consumer materials, an important requisite in the allocation of LEED credits.

Portraits Tile Collection: PORTRAITS COMBLANCHIEN

Type: Stone effect porcelain stoneware tiles
Materials: Porcelain stoneware

Seven natural stones that have been accurately selected inspire the new collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware, Portraits by Ceramiche Caesar. Seven products with unique features, available in eight different sizes that range from 30x60 cm tiles to the extra large 120x240 cm slabs of porcelain stoneware, and the 20 mm thick tiles for outdoor use.

Portraits is a tile collection that can offer architectural solutions for floors and walls of residential and commercial projects. Products are available with the Bright (honed), Matt and Textured finishes.
The seven products of the series, which bear the names of the places from which the reference stones come, will stimulate stylistic research by architects and designers: the bold grey of Kirby, Stromboli and Fowey matches perfectly with the beige shades of Comblanchien, Faro and Tozeur and the light grey of Versilia.

The M Composition and Wall mix decorations complete the range of tile products and offer precious solutions for walls.

Vibe Tile Collection: VIBE

Type:Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with wood effect Materials: Porcelain stoneware

The melting melody of an instrument rich in years and narrative. Vibe is a material that is alive and lived which, from floors to walls, embrace us, telling about what we are and what we love. the reflection of our character. Vibe porcelain tiles take on a warm appeal with 6 different wood inspirations: Quercia and Rovere, with a natural feel to decorate in elegance and character.

Frost and Cinder, that reinterpret the timeless charm of wood in a contemporary way.

And, finally, Marsala and Marsala Raw, to decorate spaces with a creative and captivating touch.
With Vibe spaces gains shape and substance: the elements that spawn our most intimate ambitions and allow us to stop our frantic routine and feel the rhythm of our heartbeat. In comfortable and airy spaces, covered with stave sizes in 20x120 and 30x120 cm, we get back in contact with the most intimate sides of our soul, caressing the marks of a material that speaks, quietly and strongly at the same time, of its story, of our life.

Every day is a special day: with its sober elegance, Vibe celebrates each day outlining the spaces of our daily life and reinterpret them with traditional decorative motifs with Squares, Woodmix and Blocks that chronicle new occasions to experience together. And even a party in the open-air takes on new vibrations, a plunge into the blue with friends, a cocktail while looking up at the blue yonder. Even in the outdoors, there's a space designed to magnify our style, and the Vibe Extra 20 range allows us to do it with 20 mm thick slabs in the listel 60x60 cm size and in the stave 30x120 cm size, perfect for dry installation in outdoor application.

Anima Tile Collection: ANIMA CALACATTA ORO

Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with marble effect

Materials: Porcelain stoneware

The masterpieces of Italian sculpture came to life thanks to the ability of the artists to work with a block of marble and turn it into something unique, giving it a face, a form, a soul. In the same way, Anima places 6 inspirational marble types and 3 surfaces finishes at the disposal of every project need, in order to transform spaces with an exclusive and sought-after charm.
With Anima, Caesar porcelain stoneware reveals the intimate aspects of some of the world’s most elegant marble, an incredibly noble material.
A versatile collection with an unmistakable stile, laden with unbounded naturalness, able to enrich spaces with its surfaces that are never repetitive and with its precious decorative accents.

Verse Tile Collection: VERSE SUGAR

Type: Wall/floor tiles with stone effect Materials: Porcelain stoneware

Nature, the source of inspiration for a new material, gives birth to Verse. The Design blend that interprets the many sources of inspiration, creating the new texture of contemporary style, through a perfect balance between different graphic elements. The collection is available in 4 colours and contemporary plank-made sizes.

Project Evolution Tile Collection: PROJECT EVOLUTION

Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with marble effect Materials: Porcelain stoneware

Caesar project for architecture surfaces grows, showing new perspectives.
With Project Evolution, the new large size porcelain slabs the beauty of the material reaches a new dimension and spaces where they are installed become unique also offering specific solutions for different project applications.

The large square slab in 120x120 creates prestigious floors, reducing the aesthetic impact of grout lines.
The slabs in 120x240 cm have the perfect size to cover entire walls with no need for cuts and horizontal joints. Suitable for bathrooms, these slabs offer new opportunities to enhance residential and commercial floors and walls.

The large slabs in 9 mm thickness of Project Evolution are modular therefore perfectly integrate with the Caesar product range, multiplying the synergies among materials, sizes and colours and combining aesthetic appeal, high performance and functional installation.