Ceracasa: porcelain stoneware tiles for the bathroom, kitchen and home

Ceracasa porcelain tiles Ceracasa is a pioneer in the production and sale of high quality wall and floor coverings. CERACASA’s products offer durability, resistance (to detergents, fire, knocks, impact, acids…) hygiene (odour free, easy cleaning, dust free, non-porous) and great beauty in all styles (polished, satin, matte, non-slip…). CERACASA’s internal laboratories carry out checks of the raw materials, a comprehensive, traceable quality follow up and checks of the finished tile products in order to ensure high quality products. In addition, external laboratories periodically test their tile products and guarantee them with technical certificates.

Ceramics are flat pieces, of different thicknesses for each size, made from clays, silica, dissolvent and colorants which undergo an industrial process of milling, pressing, drying and firing to obtain different technical characteristics.

Normally it is used as tiles for floors and walls and facades. Ceramic for both walls and floors are waterproof because they have a clay base and a glazed surface called: glazed ceramics.

The clays used in the make up of the base can be in red, white or different colours. In this way ceramics can be classified as: white-bodied tile, red-bodied tile, glazed stoneware o porcelain, each one being a different product with different technical properties.
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Ceracasa offers a variety of ceramic tiles to suit every use or requirement. Key tiles types include:

  • Red-bodied wall tiles.
  • White-bodied wall tiles.
  • Stoneware
  • Glazed porcelain.
  • Rectified and glazed porcelain.
  • Rectified, glazed and polished porcelain.
  • Special / decorated pieces.

All Ceracasa Ceramica tile products: Indoor tile / floor tile / porcelain stoneware
  • METAL EFFECT CEMENT: Concrete look tile
  • WOOD PORCELAIN: Hardwood look tile
  • STONE PORCELAIN: Stone look tile
  • HIGH GLOSS: Polished tile
  • 25X73cm CERAMIC TILES: Ceramic floor and wall tiles
  • 31.6x31.6cm FLOOR: Sandstone look tile

  • BIONICTILE: Porcelain stoneware cladding / textured / panel tiles / exterior tile