Cerdomus, a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles

Cerdomus ceramic tilesTechnological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and working in partnership with builders and designers: for over forty years Cerdomus has projected made in Italy style and quality on the international markets. Cerdomus is a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers, offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, and winning the preferences of clients all over the world.

Ceramic tiles are a natural product that have been used for centuries. Thanks to research and technology, this ancient product has now reached new heights of excellence. Water, clay, minerals and powdered quartz fired together at high temperature - that's the basic structure of all our ceramic products, whatever their field of application.

And a certified production process ensures the excellence of every Cerdomus collection. The result is a product of exceptionally high quality in 4 key characteristics: hardness, rigidity, fragility and inertia. Hardness: the result of the chemical reactions which occur during firing, and which give tiles their compactness and consistency. Rigidity: determines the ability to withstand heavy loads. Fragility: defines resistance to impact. Inertia: the ability to remain unchanged over time, unaffected by contact with water and chemical substances.

Cerdomus products meet the requirements of the leading international certifying bodies: including ISO 14001, EMAS, and ECO LABEL. And since they're made with at least 40% content recycled materials, our products also meet LEED requirements. Our products are also certified by Ceramic Tiles of Italy.

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Cerdomus Collections:

QUINTESSENZA: The essence of stone as you have never seen it before... A new journey into the Quintessenza of Cerdomus that leads to discover refined atmospheres with essential beauty. An excursus on international design and the world of architecture with a new twist. Sophisticated interiors, surfaces enriched by subtle streaks, imperceptible traces of light that seep in and run through intangibly.

Cotti: The industrial style of concrete and the warmth of terracotta. Verve, the new porcelain stoneware.

Contemporaneity meets classicism with an artistic touch and keeping the basic features of the origins of ceramics, something much sought after these days by international design.

So many details come from tradition such as little touches on the edges and the surface structure, designed to obtain unique yet harmonious pieces and so create cosy and warm ambiences with dainty ‘imperfections’.

Marked patterns and shade effects alternate with ton-on-ton delicate textures, while full-field abstract decorations provide warmth to the cool concrete hues and embellish the industrial style.

A wide variety of sizes, the harmony of decorations and a whole spectrum of colours to choose from are the main features of this highly creative collection that can be used in homes and shops, in industrial building remodelling, in luxury residencies and rustic interiors.

Essenze EPIC: Epic is a wood eroded by time until its very essence changes. The grain seems to flow back through time to reach its origins, demonstrating that the creative impulses of nature always strive towards beauty.

It’s the frontier between wood and stone that the Epic collection seeks to explore. Crossing a frontier is always something more than merely entering a new world: it’s no longer the old world, but it isn’t just the new world either.

Wood turns to stone and the metamorphosis is complete.

Epic is a versatile collection by nature, equally suited to minimalist, metropolitan ambiences and to classical interiors whose keynote is contrast, with enchanting interplays of colours that run together or remain distinct.

Cement CHROME: Neutral, subtly nuanced backdrops, dusty colours and special formats exude material presence, while mineral fragments add sheen and a sense of time-worn surfacesThe rugged, elementary beauty of cement with the performance and resistance of ceramics: that’s the heart of Chrome.

The industrial aesthetic has invaded domestic and residential space, and the result is roomier ambiences that give interior designers unprecedented freedom in their choice of colour schemes and stylistic elements.

Essential, contemporary, industrial: cement is the inspiration behind Chrome, a collection that reprises the nuances of sand and mixed gravel.
Neutral, subtly nuanced backdrops, dusty colours and special formats exude material presence, while mineral fragments add sheen and a sense of time-worn surfaces.

Formats that let surfaces breathe: with contemporary decors in vibrantly cold colours to enrich walls and floors.

Epic is a frontier that has been crossed, and something new has been created.
Fusion and metamorphosis: everything that’s new bears the mark of its origins, the movement that is the essence of all the things in the world.

Pietre DOME – Porcelain stoneware flooring with granite effect. The Original is the perfect synthesis of beauty, technology and tradition. A wide range of decors and trims enriches this versatile collection: From traditional, exquisite and refined Moonshine, Sunshine and Gemma strips and insets, to modern and sober Stripe bands plus the surprising light effects of a coating in relief obtained with Slide bands and Multilevel mosaics. What renders the Dome collection unique is the exquisite rosette that gives a sense of magnificence and enriches any room where care for refined details is a must.