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All Fap ceramiche tiles are produced exclusively in Italy. When you purchase a Fap tile product, you can rest assured it has been manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies and top-quality, safe materials in order to guarantee the best possible working conditions. Here at Fap tile we believe companies are a crucial element in society, and that they must be honest, respectful, transparent in their dealings with everyone, be they customers, suppliers or staff. For this reason, we were pleased to subscribe to the 'Code of Ethics' of Confindustria Ceramica, thus undertaking to provide clear information on the origin of products. This is why 'made in Italy' and 'made in Fap' are synonymous with excellence, representing strong values such as an innovative style and original design, as well as respect for the environment, ethics in the workplace and product quality. Ceramics of Italy All Fap tile products bear the 'ceramics of Italy' mark. The 'ceramics of Italy' mark can only be applied to products made in Italy by companies belonging to Confidustria Ceramica that have signed the Code of Ethics.
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Fap Tile is green

The environment is of incalculable value to all of us. Here at Fap ceramiche, we are well aware of this, which explains why we do everything in our power to respect the habitat we live in. For this reason, Fap tile manufacturing processes and technological research have always gone hand in hand with a rigorous environmental policy that conditions our whole way of thinking, working and behaving towards the world around us. This particular awareness of issues regarding the environment, the health and our surroundings, is officially reflected and endorsed in the certification obtained by the Fap tile collections. These certifications are a guarantee of the eco-compatible nature of Fap tiles, and provide us with a further stimulus to continue developing innovative solutions able to ensure respect for the environment.

Ecolabel is the EU quality label that may be applied only to products with low environmental impact. Ecolabel evaluates the whole lifecycle of a product: from the quarrying of the raw materials, through the production, distribution and use stages on to disposal. All Fap tiles comply with Ecolabel requirements.

Fap ceramiche is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, one of the aims of which is to promote the LEED concept in Italy. The LEED standard is a certification system that sets forth the requirements for constructing environmentally sustainable buildings. LEED certification, drawn up by the U.S. Green Building Council and recognised at international level, guarantees that a building is environmentally friendly and is a healthy place to live and work in. The system is based on a series of points awarded for compliance with requirements relating to the environmental sustainability of the design project, construction and maintenance of the building.