IMPRONTA CERAMICHE: floor and wall tile collections for residential applications

Impronta porcelain tilesIMPRONTA CERAMICHE is the brand by Italgraniti Group for floor and wall tile collections for residential and commercial areas subjected to light foot traffic. White body single firing technology is used for the wall tiles and glazed porcelain stoneware for the floor tiles. High-end coverings specialists.

IMPRONTA has always been considered a benchmark for its top of the range, ceramic wall coverings. The extremely high technical and aesthetic solutions applied to IMPRONTA surfaces is the result of state of the art technology and their elegant and sophisticated style, designed to guarantee their long lasting appeal. The IMPRONTA CERAMICHE group was established by merging two ceramic manufacturers, respectively present on the market since 1975 and 1994, both companies already had a strongly consolidated image in the sector. In 2011 Impronta Ceramiche became the ITALGRANITI GROUP, also including Ceramica Magica.

ITALGRANITI GROUP is a dynamic and innovative company that has undergone significant expansion in recent years thanks to a far-sighted business strategy and considerable investments in avant-garde production technologies. The result is a complete range of high quality products, not only able to meet the demands of market trends but often able to anticipate them.

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Ceramic wall tiles of porous single-fired white for all environments and styles.

4 coordinated solutions: 4 different colour-coordinated background tiles sold by the square metres: they can all be mixed and matched and have relief textures, in whole colors or decorated.

4 stylish colours: A programme of four modern, sophisticated colours, designed for combination to express style and good taste.

A great choice / floors: Empreinte looks great with the Italgraniti range of floor coverings: choose from the warmth of the wood-look planks, the stunning design of Materia D or the elegance of Marmi Imperiali.

For a Design lover : Design an original, creative bathroom by combining Empreinte’s colour-coordinated surfaces: rich textures, delightful decorations and coloured glazes highlight all the potential of ceramic coverings.

Charm & passion: Luxurious and full of personality, the Damas decoration underlines the washbasins’ design values, making them the bathroom’s focal point. The marble-look glossy floor covering increases the feeling of elegance.

A decorative mood: The Empreinte decorated background tiles can be used to cover whole walls without excessive costs: the bathroom acquires a unique, striking personality thanks to the beauty of these relief-decorated tiles.

Marmo D: space gains new dimensions through digital printing.
New geometric patterns and delicate colour shades extend the offering of MARMO D, the first floor tile series produced by Italgraniti Group with the exclusive digital technology, which completes its range with the collection of wall tiles MARMO D WALL.

Ceramic products that faithfully reproduce all the naturalness of marble, to reflect unique, highly personalised design schemes. Thanks to this innovative technique, which combines digital and intaglio matrix printing, glazed porcelain stoneware (for the floor tiles) and white-body single-fired tiles (for wall coverings) are decorated with a wide variety of screen-printing patterns, accurately reproducing the patterns and veins of marble on unique surfaces, no two alike.

MARMO D and MARMO D WALL are the ideal blend of the formal refinement of classical marble and the severity of the finest porcelain, making masterly use of this material’s famed strength and versatility. At the same time, the gentle colour shading typical of natural stones provides an attractively varied effect, a dance-like alternation of shapes and delicate hues that come together in a limitless interplay of patterns.

6 new marble coverings: floor and wall tiles with stunningly splendid vein patterns. Impronta Ceramiche perfects the best, pushing back the boundaries of beauty.

30x90 large size. An excellent wall covering, with elegant plain tiles and a wealth of exquisite decorations.

Glazed porcelain stoneware floor tiles. Outstanding in appearance, large in size (up to 80x180 cm) they are ideal for homes and public buildings with light traffic.

6 marble coverings: colours and vein patterns chosen to represent the peerless beauty of the natural stone. 6 new, sophisticated materials for classical and contemporary interiors.

80x180 cm: extra-large and splendid. A product of amazing beauty and technology. A material that sets new standards in industrial porcelain stoneware, closely interpreting the choicest, most exclusive marbles.

The splendid effect created by the variable vein patterns becomes clear in a large space: each slab is a unique note, part of a harmonious whole. The floor covering’s sophisticated personality completes an original, eclectic architectural design, part modern and part neoclassical.

New living surface. The new Impronta Ceramiche floor coverings achieve amazing levels of transparency and shine, with bright surfaces that reflect and multiply the light.

"Velvet": is an original decoration with a sharp relief effect, ideal for creating panels or friezes or covering whole walls; it is available in two neutral shades, that look good with all the marbles in the range.
Relief mosaic, intelligent solution. Striking in appearance, it comes in pre-scored 30x90 cm slabs sold by the m2.

"Sipario" is the decorative solution designed to highlight recherché relief motifs. It comes in two sizes, 30x90 and 15x90, offering a variety of combination options.

A relief boiserie panel, decidedly chic. New monochrome modules combine with the decorative and plain tiles. The trims are the basis for creating exquisite, exclusive wall coverings.

"Queen & King" decors: the original modular pieces allow the construction of distinctive compositions on the walls, making your bathroom unique. The "Queen" and "King" modules express a special flair for eye-catching decoration. Offering versatile installation, they fit perfectly into the surrounding space.

Neoclassico. This decorative module innovatively combines wood and marble to create floor coverings of outstanding beauty. "Neoclassico" comes in two colour variants, featuring warm or cold shades.

Brown Striato presents a particularly original, sophisticated mixture of colours. It is a very characterful wall covering: its dynamic colours and directional vein pattern give the bathroom a unique personality.

The "Intarsio" decor accurately reproduces an artistic composition of inlaid fine marbles. It can be used for decorative "carpet" features or whole floors. It comes in two versions, with warm and cold colours.