Prochef by Julien Kitchen Sink

Prochef by Julien offers a range of functional and stylish sinks that will match with any decor and any budget.

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Choosing a sink often boils down to little more than price. But at Prochef, they believe everyone deserves a product that is perfectly suited to their needs.


Quality, that’s what Prochef promises to deliver. They have a team of qualified and dedicated people who listen to your needs to design and create quality products on the cutting edge of innovation.


Prochef offers a line of products for every price range. With their wide variety of modern designs, you are sure to find a sink that matches your décor, your budget, and your lifestyle.


Whether it’s for a renovation, a new residence, or kitchens in a condo building, Prochef has the sink you need for your project. With its large production capabilities, we can deliver orders for any scale projects in a timely manner.


Prochef ProInox series sinks are made from premium quality recycled and fully recyclable stainless steel and are offered in many styles, from contemporary to traditional. 

 Prochef Collections

  • Everyday style
    ProInox (Urban style, Contemporary style)
  • Professional quality every day
    ProInox (With rounded corners)
  • Authentic, everyday
    ProTerra (With rounded corners)