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Knief bathtubs

Knief Bathtubs made in Germany

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Founded in the year 1979 as an export & import trading company, focused on business relations in Europe, all Asia, North & South America, Middle East, and Africa, KNIEF & CO. GmbH is specialized today in selected products for the building industry, offering today a product portfolio, which reflects our current efficiency, e.g. through

  • KNIEF freestanding bath tubs, entirely made in Europe of high-quality Lucite® sanitary acryl with all necessary accessories and Spas (Whirlsystems), organized in accordance with the strictest Q.C. standards and -systems, as well as other bath equipment products (registered trade marks: AquaPlus, AquaSpa, AquaTecc, AquaFloat). All bathtub models are under EU "CE-Design" protection.
  • KNIEF manufacturing facilities in ASIA for ceramic tiles, translucent glass tiles and mosaics, as well as special natural stone products,
  • KNIEF genuine German Solnhofen and JURA Limestone (SSG), with KNIEF owned quarries as well as high standard fabrication,
  • special building materials, German pavers and clay roofing tiles, etc., all fit and suitable for world-wide marketing structures.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Experience Aqua Plus® – our exclusive range of freestanding bathtubs Made in Europe of best sanitary-acrylic quality and first-class processing. Select from a variety of retro and contemporary designs.

The high quality double skin production from Lucite® sanitary acrylic sheets, according to DIN EN 263, with a wall thickness of up to 50 mm enables highest stability with little weight as well as optimal insulation.

Our bathtubs are certified according to DIN EN 198 and DIN EN 14516 bearing the CE quality mark.

Built-in Bathtubs

Create a symbiosis of materials and get your individual style to your bathroom. The combination of unique Aqua Plus® Classic design bathtubs and elegant tiles or wooden furniture will create a worldwide unique design in your bathroom. All Classic models are related to the design and technical benchmark of our freestanding designs.

We are using high-quality, crosslinked Lucite® sanitary acryl for our built-in bathtubs. Just as the freestanding designs, all built-ins are certified in accordance to DIN EN 198 and DIN EN 263 and bear the CE quality mark according to DIN EN 14516.