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Designing the modern bathroom as a living space: design, quality and function interact to unfold the personality of the traditional Swiss brand, a leading international manufacturer.

The original cornerstone of the LAUFEN company is its ceramic manufacturing expertise. For more than 110 years the oldest artificial material known to mankind has been processed in Laufen, in the Swiss canton of Basel. There, washbasins, bidets and toilets are produced in state-of-the-art facilities with Swiss precision. This ceramics expertise has spawned a talent for creating fully integrated bathrooms. Each room, interpreted by LAUFEN as a haven of relaxation within the home is fashioned to a high design standard.

What makes LAUFEN design so special is the Swiss manufacturer's original approach, which views Swiss design as a symbiosis of two important schools of design: Italian design from the South and Modernist style a Bauhaus from the North. Forged in outstanding Swiss quality.

LAUFEN views quality as a two-sided coin: one side being production expertise, the other being function and outstanding benefits the finished bathroom communicates to the customer. The first side is an obligation, the other part of the free discipline practiced in the international bathroom market.

Sustainable quality: Respecting man and the environment

As a company manufacturing products that use a precious resource, water, LAUFEN feels duty bound to protect this natural basis of existence. It therefore places priority on environment-friendly production, using energy and raw materials sparingly at all levels of production - from development to marketing. For example, LAUFEN reuses heat generated in the production process to dry the ceramics. In Austria, LAUFEN was awarded the "EMAS Environment Prize 2007" for its exemplary environmental management. The Swiss factory in Laufen has been holder of the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) label since 2006, marking it as a company actively committed to voluntary climate protection. LAUFEN also actively seeks environmentally friendly solutions for many of its products. For instance, the high gloss surface of the mimo bathroom series furniture is made of recycled materials. The newest generation of water-efficient water closets, for instance: several LAUFEN toilets flush with 4.5 or three liters in a dual flush system instead of six or three liters for conventional water closets.

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Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI One is a bathroom design that has cast its spell over the home design world for years: It is characterised by a timeless form, sparkling imagination and a hint of eccentricity. This design award-winning ensemble is the creation of Italian designer star, Stefano Giovannoni.

The ceramic elements of a bathroom are regarded as the style-setters of the bathroom - in the case of Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI One they play a uniquely dominant role in the bathroom design: The visual anchor and keynote design element of Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI One is the floor-standing washbasin, affectionately called Tam-Tam - for its likeness to a drum. Cast in one piece, it encapsulates the technical inner workings in a column. This ceramic object with organic looks, oozes sensuousness and is currently one of the most impressive ceramic pieces for the bathroom on the market - with a Design Plus award to prove it. The other washbasins, impressive bathtub, ceramic shower tray, the WCs, bidets and urinals in the ensemble also speak the same sensuous design language - and define a feminine style in the bathroom.

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Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI dOt is a perfectly balanced collection of objects that do not distract attention away from the bathroom's actual purpose: the cleansing of body and soul. "All the objects are primarily devoted to relaxation", the Dutch architect and designer, Wiel Arets describes the design principle of the bathroom that, like its soulmate, Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI One was created in close cooperation with the Italian design company, Alessi.

Visually linking the stylish washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs, WCs, bidets, furniture and accessories is the signature "dOt", a circular hollow or cut-out that decorates practically every object in the series - and is, at the same time, a function detail. Washbasins and bathtubs share a minimalist look, with ultra smooth surfaces, their effect akin to that of an architectural object. These surfaces openly invite you to place bathroom accessories on them. "The putting together of the ensemble is based on the individual strengths of the separate parts. Each of them has to fulfil its purpose without being dominant in the process".

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The curvaceous rotundities, lavish dimensions and clever functions of the mylife bathroom series create an undeniable feel good factor. Its design language unites the angular contours of the rectangle with soft rotundities and curves - and in so doing creates plenty of space without taking up much itself. Created by Hartmut Esslinger, and, thanks to his clear design, the bathroom evokes peace and relaxation - two virtues that are becoming increasingly important in our hectic everyday lives. Particularly striking features of the mylife ensemble are the simply designed washbasin and sumptuous bathtub - they convey harmony and vastness and lend the bathroom its unique character.
From the washbasin to the WC and bidet, bathtub to cistern - the Laufen mylife bathroom series speaks a clear, consistent design language. Thanks to this timeless clarity, it harmonises with the most varied of materials, accessories and even architectural styles. mylife, however, goes on to achieve non plus ultra status when combined with the ml-furniture series - it was specially developed for the bathroom series and is perfectly matched to the ceramic elements.
Laufen Palomba tub


The design of the LAUFEN Palomba Collection recalls small inlets or pebbles shaped by the eternal movement of the sea, expertly transformed into ceramic. All elements of the collection harmonise with one another as each one of them bears the signature of the Italian designer couple, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba 

Yet the character of its design is not rigidly fixed, but hovers between geometrical and organic forms. Its underlying concept is the manmade cube, hollowed and rounded by the elemental force of water - the sea as inspirational force. However the washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, WCs, bidets and furniture of the Laufen Palomba Collection do not achieve the absolute status of a fully integrated bathroom. True to the spirit of the collection, these designer objects lend themselves to exciting combinations: both within the collection and with LAUFEN products of a matching design. A stream of new design solutions successively enhance the Palomba Collection.

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Bathroom designers dream about it: Creating lots of interior styles from a single mould employing just a few basic forms. Dream becomes reality with the signature ceramics of living by LAUFEN, created by the design group, Phoenix Design. The motif of the extensive bathroom ensemble is contemporary living and well-being. After all, the bathroom long ago developed from its wet room origins to become an integrated part of modern living concepts. The ceramic elements form an integrated series with matching WCs, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays as well as furniture.

living city washbasins give the living by LAUFEN bathroom an urban flair. Their basic form is styled on the graphical architectonic and slips into linear bathrooms lightly and sleekly. Yet the designs are by no means sober in character and also offer lots of storage surfaces for bathroom accessories. With the living style washbasin avant-garde extravagance finds its way into living by LAUFEN. Their focus on the essential is what characterises these outstanding, ultra-shallow ceramic elements.

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Laufen bathtubLAUFEN LB3

In its three style variations of the Lb3 bathroom ensemble, LAUFEN champions personal lifestyle and banishes style restrictions: After all, real life teaches us: The bathroom is an intimate, intensely personal space dedicated to well-being and relaxation - and therefore rejects bathroom concepts that cannot be personalised. This is what the Milanese architects and designers, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba discovered when they studied living in international cities before starting work on Lb3.

Lb3 was therefore grouped around three strong archetypes: The "modern" washbasin variations with their clear-cut contours is an original tribute to the Modern and Bauhaus styles. "classic", with its dual contours, is the epitome of timeless elegance, while the "design" line with its cube and curves, heralds a designer-focused interior style. The washbasins are complemented by a full bathroom range: including WCs, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays, a fully rounded, purist and exclusive furniture range, matching mirrors, accessories as well as water- and energy-efficient faucets designed especially for Lb3.

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