Lea Ceramiche Porcelain Tiles

Lea Porcelain tilesOne of the most dynamic and productive brands of the Modena ceramics district, Lea Ceramiche has a far-reaching national and international coverage, with a capillary presence in more than 80 countries in the 5 continents around the world. In addition to Italy, the main markets are the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

Lea Ceramiche is part of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.a., a leading international ceramics group quoted in the Star segment of the Italian stock exchange, which also owns the brands Panaria, Cotto d’Este, Fiordo, Blustyle in Italy; Margres, Love Tiles in Portugal and Florida Tile in the United States of America. Over the years, Lea Ceramiche has been the company in the group which has seen the most significant transformation, becoming one of the most prestigious businesses on the world ceramics scene. This has been possible thanks to large and constant investments aiming to create successful collections with a strong personality based on careful research into style, appearance and performance, for every season.

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DREAMING: Over the last year, Lea Ceramiche has conducted extensive research in materials and glazes, achieving depth and brightness, in order to reproduce the sensations of the surfaces of precious quarry marbles.

The LEA FULL HD digital decorating technology has managed, in these two years, to develop colours and shades which are typical of Apuan marble. The result is a new dream like collection: Dreaming.

METROPOLIS: The Metropolis collection emulates the coarse and essential character of cement, with a return to the purity and austerity of the material.

Its rough look, unexpectedly, combines with a surprising tactile quality: the beauty of an ancient material, now smoother and more welcoming.

Metropolis is the ideal finish for both architectural and interior spaces: ceramic material as a second skin for new essential spaces.


Slimtech is the solution that completes Lea Ceramiche’s product range by offering slabs of laminated porcelain in record sizes (300cm x 100cm) due to extraordinary lightness resulting from a thickness of only 3mm. It’s the result of a laminating and porcelain compacting technology that has revolutionised the traditional productive process and as a result a completely new, resistive, light, flexible, pliable and versatile product is obtained. Slimtech fully satisfies the most up-to-date needs for modern planning for both internal and for expansive external areas of modern buildings. It is easy to install and fix, better than any other material, renewal problems offering aesthetic results combined with a total contained cost.

SLIMTECH TIMELESS MARBLE: The preciousness of marble is brought to life with the revolutionary and impressive Timeless Marble tiles.

This collection surprises with the precision and attention to the finest details of designs that stand out on large tiles which are 5.5mm thick.

The graphic variations of Timeless Marble are proposed in 7 colours: Calacatta Gold Extra, Statuario White, Safari Amande, Travertino Classico, Pietra Gray, Lasa Bright and Onice Venus.

The different tactile versions of the product are fruit of an intensive research conducted by Lea Ceramiche on matter.

The result is a product that recalls natural stone: Basaltina Stone Project.

The greyscale shades provide a minimal look and a character which blends into all environments.

This product is also available in the record Slimtech tile formats in the colours sabbiata, naturale, stuccata and lappata: 300x100cm with a thickness of only 3mm.

The stone effect surface of Waterfall becomes Slimtech. The inclusion of laminated porcelain enhances the collection by amplifying the changeable and material effect of the stone.
Creativity, inspired by the new laying possibilities, opens new boundaries. A perfect synthesis of natural realism and technology.