Marca Corona - Italian tile manufacturer of top quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles

MARCA CORONA TILESMarca Corona is an Italian tile manufacturer company who has been producing top quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles since 1741. Marca Corona is a world leader in the field of Italian ceramic tiles companies and it has always been recognized as a brand leader in the production of ceramic surfaces. Combining extraordinary technical performances with the typical style and elegance of the best 'Made in Italy' products, Marca Corona ceramics are suitable for both residential and commercial areas, for private customers, planners and designers who are looking for that exclusive touch.

Marca Corona's productions are exclusively A.S.T.M. tiles (certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials), which means their high quality is certified by the most important international organisation dealing with testing methods on different materials. We at Marca Corona believe that a company has a key role to play in today’s society, operating with transparency and correctness towards all stakeholders, be they customers, suppliers or staff. For this reason we wholeheartedly decided to endorse the "Ethical Code" of Confindustria Ceramica, which commits companies to clearly state the country of origin of its products. We believe that "Made in Italy" is an emotive brand with strong values and not a mere sales slogan. Values such as style, design, product quality, environmental as well social responsibility. Those who buy these ceramic tiles must be sure that they have been produced using technologies that respect the environment, use premium and safe raw materials and have been manufactured under the best working conditions possible.

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Therefore, we at Marca Corona are proud to stamp "Made in Italy" on our tiles, because they are 100% "Made in Italy", but also and especially because they stand for an ethical work process and because they represent ethical work standards and product quality.

Project division
Marca Corona porcelain tiles have unique features that guarantee the best quality and give products excellent technical and aesthetic performance. Resistant to chemicals and to adverse weather conditions, porcelain stoneware collections are available in a broad range of sizes and surfaces to meet any need. Marca Corona offers porcelain stoneware solutions that allow architects and planners to design every type of space: residential, commercial, indoor and outdoor venues, small spaces and large-scale architectural projects. Over the years the company has developed avant-garde products for specific project-planning needs.


Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with wood effect
Materials: Full-body porcelain stoneware

The warmth of wood effect surfaces gains geometric textures and powdery colours, three dimensional elements and refined details. Essences Collection takes its inspiration from a selection of 5 wood essences, Elm, Cedar, Walnut, Mahogany, Iroko, matching them with 5 geometrical patterns and 5 colours, ivory, cotto, sage green, grey and blue.

Fine full-body coloured porcelain stoneware tiles for floor and wall with a strong decorative impact, available in small sizes (20x20 and 7.5x30), embellished by metal-coloured profiles, glamorous shimmers on these total matt surfaces.

A tile collection with captivating vitality, rich in contrasts, geometric virtuosities, colours and never ordinary combinations.


Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with marble effect
Materials: Porcelain stoneware

The TILE collection reproduces all the particular and characteristic features of the most classical marbles of Italian tradition, calacatta and travertine, with the addition of minute engravings on the surface to create a truly unique texture. Elegant and refined for perfect Italian style environments.


Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with travertine effect
strong>Materials: Porcelain stoneware

Veining, colours, tactile and visual appeal: marble is the noble material par excellence. Thanks to new technology, designers have rediscovered this material to give life to projects with a sculptural appeal, which enhance the beauty of this material, also by means of a dedicated approach to texture. In line with its philosophy, 1741 unveils the skill of master marble cutters but in a comtemporary manner. Calacatta marble and Travertine are the references for a project that superimposes 3D textures and patterns. The result is a new era of this noble stone.


Type: Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles 
Materials: Porcelain stoneware

Confirming the commitment of the Marca Corona Line 1741 for experimentation, this concrete effect Collection combines delicate tones with bold shapes: on one hand it explores all the cold and chalky nuances, on the other it bets on the rhomboidal format (18.7x32.4cm), which includes a large variety of installation schemes, thus allowing installers to create endless spectacular decorative compositions. Chalk is completed by 7.5x30 cm bricks, which recall the look and feel of unplastered and re-painted stone walls, and the classical 20x20 cm tile.

The 4 grey backgrounds available - White, Silver, Grey, and Dark – recall the irregularities of concrete. The 20x20 cm and rhomboidal formats and also an original colour mix, made of diverse coloured backgrounds, from light dusty pink to sage green, from sky blue to yellow, create elegant chromatic geometries. Sophisticated cold and desaturated tones also characterize the 38 geometric patterns, proposed in the 20x20 cm version, which can be combined with each other or against coloured and grey backgrounds to give life to captivating and unique settings.