Native Trails Bath Vanities, Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom Sinks

native trails sinks and vanities

Native Trails artisan crafted kitchen and bath sinks and bathroom vanities

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To bring life to our inspiring, innovative designs, we partner with skilled artisans who employ age-old tradition and craftsmanship. Each piece we create is one-of-a-kind; crafted by hand from sustainable materials such as recycled copper, reclaimed wood, and bamboo; each piece reflects the unique style and technique of the artisan who so skillfully created it.

Native Trails Copper Artistry

Skilled coppersmiths combine centuries of tradition with contemporary design to create functional works of art. Using age-old techniques passed down through generations, a typical copper sink or copper tub takes several days and many thousands of hammer strikes to perfect.

Native Trails Copper: Artisan Story

At Native Trails, their furniture craftsmen still "make things like they used to," using woodworking traditions that go back centuries. You'll see the results of their meticulous artistry in our sustainable furniture, which is built to the standard of any heirloom quality piece, using reclaimed wood and FSC woods as the source materials.

The Americana Collection and the Vintner's Collection are comprised of bathroom vanities, bathroom storage, and mirrors made from wood reclaimed from barns and wineries on California's Central Coast, then handcrafted by local artisans.