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Onsen Vanities

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Onsen's genetic code speaks about bathroom environments which are able to join elegance and rationality through the continuous research of always original solutions and can be recognized by the modern and refined impressions.

With Onsen the bathroom becomes the natural habitat of everyone calling for practicality and efficiency without forgoing stylish details and elegant finishes.

Onsen Contemporary Vanity Collection

Onsen Maya: An environment which cares for tendencies, able to join elegance and practicality: with its 120cm two lateral doors and three drawers, the bathroom vanity returns to be functional.

Onsen Maya is a particularly flexible modular bath vanity program, designed for meeting the continuously increasing needs of modernity and personalization. With its four variants of finishes, the bathroom vanity collection looks for beauty and originality, which arise from the combination of colors in one single and harmonious environment.

Mini 45: The Onsen Mini 45 bathroom vanity collection is the highest expression of practicality for small spaces. The tiny washbasin combines amiably to the modern and functional features of the storage places. The two glassy lacquerings and the two essences created with real wood veneered paneets, describe in a lively way this precious bath vanity range.

Loto: Well-being, comfort, elegance and modularity. This is the essence of Onsen Loto, a collection of bathroom vanities, available in six different finishes; from the warm tones of wenge and light oak to the four glassy lacquered colours. Loto bathroom vanity environments can also be set up with a front part made of grey glass.


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