Roca Faucets

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Roca is the leading global bathroom brand in defining bathrooms solutions. Faucets by Roca have become a reference due to its commitment to innovation, design, technology and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Faucets by Roca are designed and manufactured to achieve minimum water consumption and maximum world-wide specifications to satisfy our users in more than 135 markets across all continents.

Currently, Roca has showrooms in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Sofia, Sao Paulo, Prague, Shanghai, Beijing, Vienna, Buenos Aires and Casablanca. Roca has always been proud of their highly professional teams who endeavour to develop solutions in bathroom space. That is why they have created the Innovation Lab. which functions as a working unit of the Roca Design Centre. The Innovation Lab. works independently from the day to day operations on product development; interdisciplinary working groups are created to research and probe into different anthropological, ergonomic and social necessities among others. Their main task is to identify future necessities through the study of users´ behaviour and market changes, create new concepts and develop them. Such a process demands the perfect combination of creativity and the right techniques for finding practical solutions.

This is the key resource to drive ahead and lead the company's transformation process whose ultimate goal is its acknowledgement and recognition as the company which defines the bathroom of the future.

In line with its firm commitment to technology, design and innovation, Roca works closely with highly distinguished architects (Moneo, Chipperfield, Herzog & De Meuron), interior designers and design studios (Benedito, Giugiaro, Schmidt & Lackner). Roca is also deeply committed to environmental protection as demonstrated in the creation of its sustainable products which feature water and energy-saving devices.

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