Sidler Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors

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Sidler Bath Cabinets and LED Mirrors

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The bathroom cabinets produced in Switzerland by SIDLER® Metallwaren AG offer first-class design and quality workmanship to Swiss standards. Sidler has produced them for more than 45 years and in design, light and quality is the market leader in Switzerland. Using the latest technologies alongside UL and CSA certification, SIDLER® bathroom cabinets set high standards in production and the end product itself. Sidler leaves the plant in Switzerland monitored, checked and inspected to ensure that customers only get the best.

Sidler medicine cabinets and bathroom mirrors include:

The SIDLER® LED Collection:Sophistication, luxury, modernity. Begin each day both pampered and prepared, your morning ritual imbued with Swiss perfection. Inspired to Aspire.

The new SIDLER® LED mirror cabinet features an original light design, refined in both its execution and technology. The design effects a sublime geometric tension, the light shines through the mirror. Opening the cabinet door reveals a mirrored cabinet back that evokes a cosmopolitan feeling.

Seamless LED light delivered via next generation illumination technology solves the problem of visible dots. It radiates a pure and unbroken light stream. Glimpse the future. Energy efficient, seamless, LED provides 50,000 hours of light. Say good bye to replacing bulbs.

The SIDLER® Diamando™ Collection: An evolution in bathroom design, the Diamando medicine cabinet features lights that shine through the mirror. The recessed design creates a seamless, modern, beautiful esthetic. The soft-close feature, patented shelf adjustment system and double sided mirror doors are must have features.

Available as a recessed mirror cabinet unit with fluorescent lighting or with no electrical features, SIDLER®Diamando™ combines contemporary design with cutting edge technology, making it the perfect complement to any bathroom design. Simple to mount on to the wall or recess, it is the complete system designed to reflect the beauty within, every day.

The SIDLER® Singla™ Collection: The newly introduced Singla™ mirrored medicine cabinet offers exceptional value. SIDLER® quality at an unexpected price point. The recessed design creates a seamless modern, beautiful esthetic. The soft-close and double sided mirrored doors are must have features.

The soft-close, double sided mirror doors, shelf adjustment, cosmetic box and magnifying mirror brings you SIDLER quality at an unexpected price point. Our SIDLER® Singla™ collection offers all the essential features, modern technology and clean look you need to complement your small bathroom environment. This is why SIDLER® Singla™ is your bathroom storage solution.

The SIDLER® Priolo™ CollectionAngular perfection punctuates crisp modernity. Wake to a bathroom that is both visionary and organized. Transcend to extraordinary mornings that give rise to an extraordinary life. Aspire.

As a truly integrated system, SIDLER® Priolo™ includes a room illuminating light, a cosmetics box and magnifying mirror that can be installed anywhere on the cabinet. With double-sided mirror doors framed by an elegantly crafted anodized body, SIDLER® Priolo™ has no handles and hinges to distract from its clean, simple, streamlined look. SIDLER® Priolo™ takes innovation to the next level by offering up to two electrical outlets with its cabinetry, depending on the model’s dimensions and with ergonomic design, placing them at a height accessible to anyone.

It’s crowning achievement is our patented shelving system that uses no screws or holes, instead incorporating a small ‘rider’ that is attached to the central rail and can be locked at small intervals; only exemplifies SIDLER®’s attention to innovative design and technology.

The ultimate in a compact, streamlined medicine cabinet solution is ideal for those who desire innovative and design above all else.

The SIDLER® Axara™ Collection: Bask in the warm light of the Axara™, a gentle morning greeting. Hand laid upon the mirror door, a morning ritual of tactile bliss. Rise to a bathroom that is both inspiring and organized. Experience extraordinary mornings that give rise to an extraordinary life. Aspire.

SIDLER® Axara™ combines modern yet timeless design with simple clean lines to form a practical bathroom storage cabinet perfect for any sophisticated bathroom design. With integrated fluorescent lamps, SIDLER®Axara™ provides you with enough light to illuminate the entire bathroom, providing you with the convenience of energy-efficient light in the early mornings and late nights; without the hassle of a separate switch or outlets.

If you are searching for a different lighting solution, SIDLER® Axara™ combines the timeless modern design with integrated rod-shaped halogen lights for a soft, focused glow. Unlike fluorescent lamps, halogen light produces a much softer glow, perfect for creating a relaxing ambience in your bathroom.