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Ceramiche Supergres

Founded in 1961 in Casalgrande, Ceramiche Supergres started its business with the production of double-fired and cottoforte tiles for floors and walls. In 1996, Supergres was acquired by the Gruppo Concorde. Since then, Supergres has continued to grow and today the company exports its tile products to more than 50 countries in the world and has a strong reputation as one of the most established ceramic brands at a global level. Supergres is a dynamic and modern company that sees innovation and renovation as the fundamental tools for meeting today’s ever-evolving market trends. This sort of market awareness, together with the use of innovative technology, avant-garde research and large investments, made possible thanks to being part of one of the biggest ceramic groups in Italy, means that we’ve been able to translate all the customers’ needs and market trends into top quality collections and tailor made services.

Supergres produces floors for indoor and outdoor application as well as wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms mainly for residential buildings. Top quality ceramic collections able to meet different styles and needs in terms of aesthetic appeal and technological performance. A broad range of available surfaces which perfectly mix with today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyles. Classic, romantic, contemporary or minimalist solutions always characterised by balance, elegance and harmony. Quality products in terms of colours, refined finishes and sought-after details.

Made in Italy, The product origin becomes an ethic code Ceramiche Supergres is proud to manufacture its ceramic tiles in Italy, in part for the typical Italian style, design and quality and in part for our Italian production processes, which safeguard the workplace, health and the environment. Ceramiche Supergres have firmly adhered to the “Ethic Code” proposed by Confindustria Ceramica which means we are committed to communicate, in a clear and unambiguous way, the origin of our products indicating on them the country in which the tiles were fired in, that is to say the most important stage in the production process, as the country of origin. This procedure guarantees the maximum respect and transparency towards our customers and end users. Those who choose to purchase our ceramics “Made in Italy“ can be sure that they are produced in Italy using safe raw materials and manufactured by highly qualified personnel, with avant-garde technologies which respect the environment and ensure the best working conditions. For this reason, writing “Made in Italy” on Supergres’ tile products is not simply a commercial slogan, but the expression of strong corporate values inspired by honesty, ethics and responsibility.

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Bathroom Tile Collection

Ceramic tiles for floors and walls featuring original and innovative design to meet any style need. A wide range of colours, from natural and pastel tints to lively and marked shades, glossy and satin surfaces, various sizes. Floral and geometrical decors, romantic or minimalist designs to satisfy different tastes and create unique and personalised bathrooms.

Collection Purity of Marble

The Purity of Marble project came about with the selection and reproduction of three types of Italian marble that are particularly prized and rare: Statuario, Lasa and Calacatta. It comprises white body floor tiles in porcelain stoneware and matching wall tiles, all amazingly realistic reproductions of these natural types of marble, with painstaking attention to detail in order to meet the aesthetic and function requirements of contemporary architectural planners of both residential and commercial spaces.

Collection Stonework

With the STONEWORK project, natural stone meets the perfection of ceramic technology, which turns it into a timeless substance with the accent on the material. Supergres has selected 4 different types of stone, faithfully reproducing their aesthetic features and shades of colour in every detail, shaping them in latest-generation porcelain stoneware.

Ardesia nera (black slate), Quarzite bianca (white quartzite), Beola, Lugnez: natural stones, each with their own distinctive aesthetic features, all coloured in shades of white, grey and black. A range of cool shades with a Nordic, central European flavour, one of the latest trends in furnishing and interior design. Nordic style has a softer edge than pure minimalism, offering a balanced blend of functional, simple shapes able to create a subtle, sophisticated ambience; bright settings featuring simple, clean-cut architectural lines for a spacious, elegant finish, characterised by pale, dusty colours. The settings in the Stonework catalogue are in keeping with this style: we suggest combinations with our other wood-effect series, perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, enhanced with pale-coloured furnishings and the light streaming in from the large windows featured almost continually throughout the catalogue.

Collection Melody

Melody is a white-body ceramic collection with glossy finish, available in six perfectly balanced hues in soft and marked tints, in a perfect harmony of warm and cold shades and in keeping with the latest design trends. The features of this collection are its easy matchability and the three-dimensional texture. In its three bright hues, it is perfect to cover bathroom or kitchen walls for an original design effect. The elegant and refined decors are rich in precious materials and interpret different tastes and styles, all characterised by sophisticated elegance.

Collection Story

Story is a project inspired by centuries-old recycled French stone, rich in history, with surfaces where the passage of time has left its mark, with imperfections that become the benchmark for a new concept of beauty, something to highlight rather than conceal.

In keeping with the trend towards recycling and re-use, currently in evidence not only in the world of furnishings and home decor, Story brings a fresh new lease of life to traditional stone flooring.The very name of this new collection evokes a return to the past, bringing with it the characteristics of a surface worn and shaped by the passage of time and ready to become the central feature of an original style that can effortlessly be adapted to modern, contemporary settings.
Story is crafted in porcelain stoneware with outstanding technical and functional characteristics, perfect for all kinds of residential and commercial settings, offering a contemporary interpretation in which nature blends seamlessly with beauty for a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

Mosaic tiles

The iridescent glazes and glass elements in our mosaics enrich any surface and any space of the house creating spectacular reflections and light effects. The broad range of available colours of mosaics perfectly match with the wall and floor collections by Ceramiche Supergres, exalting glossy surfaces and creating a pleasant contrast with satin finishes. Ceramic tiles are totally non-absorbent and are ideal for use in places like shower