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WETSTYLE Contemporary Tubs, Washbasins and Bath Furniture

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Beyond WETSTYLE's bold and original designs, every product is handcrafted from start to finish and custom-made to order in Canada.

WETSTYLE's modern bathtubs and lavs are made exclusively from WETMAR, the brand's own eco-friendly natural stone composite material, while its furniture is crafted from hand-selected, sustainable hardwoods.

Currently available in some 175 showrooms across North America and the Caribbean, WETSTYLE is presently making a splash in Europe and is poised to expand into other parts of the world.

WETSTYLE Bathtubs and Lavatories Collections

  • Be Collection: The Be collection expresses that desire through shapes Nature herself could have created.

    The designer freestanding bathtub and vessel sinks imitate a shell of exotic fruits filled with rainwater, an impression that is enhanced by a peaked seam and fluid curves. Be provides grounds for dreams that evoke memories of nutshells sailing on childhood streams. Contemporary design infused with organic shape.
  • Cube Collection: The contemporary bathtubs come in models that are either perfectly rectangular or slightly tapered, and are either freestanding, mounted on a base or on legs. The sleek design of the sinks represents a modern version of the stone washbasins still used in the French countryside.
  • Flo Collection: In a world full of pressures, the bathtub offers a haven, a bubble of well-being where notions of time disappear. An infinity of enveloping curves, FLO is an invitation to tranquility in a solidly anchored mass.

    Dawn mist on a mountain lake, the lull of waves, stones smoothed by cascading water-FLO is both vessel and iceberg, groundswell and ocean tide. Every evocative facet of FLO is intimately linked to purifying, regenerating water.

    The body effortlessly embraces this generous shell that holds the promise of completely blissful aquatic immersion. The back slips into the moulded curve at either end that gently extends to accommodate the resting neck.

    At the water's edge, the sole angle accepts a champagne flute, small bath accessories or a bar of soap.
  • Ove Collection: Oval-shaped with narrow or wide edges, the contemporary bathtubs are like personal cocoons, sanctuaries from the outside world. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing from all angles, OVE models are ideal for modern bathrooms that open into adjoining bedrooms. The designer sinks come in round, elliptical or rectangular models with oval interior basins, for single or double use.

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WETSTYLE Bath Furniture Collections

  • C Collection: The luxury vanity contrasts the clinical rigor of steel with the tactile, almost fleshy softness of WETMAR. Cleansing products and cosmetics are exhibited on the shelves. Water pipes are left in view. Nothing is hidden: transparency is the new idea of purity.
    The Stainless Steel Console in mirror or brush finish supports a WETMAR integrated Countertop in a Glossy or Mat finish. The designer countertop is moulded in one piece that incorporates the sink, so that no joints break the fluid and continuous surface. The bath console and countertop are offered in various lengths
  • F Collection: Made from rift-cut oak veneer, the bath furniture is available in natural, wenge, white-washed or grey-washed shades. To ensure that the wood is waterproof, it is sealed with catalyzed varnish, a coating normally used for the decks of boats.
  • M Collection: The WETSTYLE line is crafted from renewable hardwoods, which are selected, assembled and stained by hand. Premium-quality touches including beveled edges on the cabinetwork, concealed European hinges and slow-closing drawers made of solid dovetailed maple speak to WETSTYLE's obsessive attention to detail. And the collection's beauty and quality are much more than skin-deep: even the interiors of the drawers and cabinetry are fully finished.
  • M collection METRO: The WETSTYLE M Collection METRO series and CUBE collection METRO series of lavatory sinks were inspired by urban living and created to ensure that the award-winning WETSTYLE M Collection fits all manner and size of bathrooms, including powder rooms.
  • Z Collection: Made from rift-cut oak veneer, the furniture is available in natural, wenge, white-washed or grey-washed shades. To ensure that the wood is waterproof, it is sealed with catalyzed varnish, a coating normally used for the decks of boats.
  • Floating Sinks: The WETSTYLE FLOATING SINK BRACKET SYSTEM enables WETSTYLE lavatory style sinks to be wall mounted, precluding the need for a vanity or full console. Exceptionally strong yet easy to install, this pure stainless steel system allows the sink to float free of all external distraction.
  • Mirrors, Column and Niche