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ACO Bathroom Drain Linear 8

Bath Accessory

Quadrato Shower Drain
The root regular hole pattern of any Quartz drains by ACO shower channel grates. Each hole is 0.20 inches square and positioned to give a regimented geometric hole pattern.

Water Activated LED for Linear Drains
Illumination is possible for both standard and custom shower channels. The illumination is based on simple circuit completion: as sufficient water runs over the LED light packs the circuit connects the contacts of the LED light modules and the lights turn on. When the water stops running the illumination switches off.

QuARTz shower drains allow the bathroom floor to take on a new dimension to become an integral part of the design. Eliminate barriers in the shower layout for level threshold designs. ACO shower drains are compatible with different floor structures. Complicated floor slopes are eliminated, simplifying tiling. QuARTz linear shower drains are designed to last.

Code: ShowerDrain-ACO8

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