Dornbracht Bath Faucet Handle CL.1 6

Dornbracht Bath Faucet Handle CL.1 6

Faucet / Shower

Dornbracht CL.1 Wall valve, clockwise-closing

Product specifications
Exposed trim parts only, rough to be ordered separately

  • Flange 2 3/8 x 2 3/8"

                CL.1 stretches to new heights. Its progressive design language of hard and soft contours marks the beginning of a new era in Dornbracht product design – dynamic, elegant, sporty. CL.1 caters to the senses with structured handles for a new tactile experience and stimulates them further with forty streams of water droplets, which gently envelope the hands.


                - Progressive design
                - Variety of spout heights
                - Deck mounted and wall mounted versions
                - Four handle options, including two new relief structures
                - Spray pattern with 40 individual streams
                - Combinable with other series
                - Flow rate of 1.069 gpm

                Code: BathFaucet-Dornbracht19

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