Hansa Bath Faucet HANSALIGNA

Faucet / Shower
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SIDE CONTROLLED Brilliantly designed: a side-mounted operating lever not only looks extravagant – it is also very practical. It helps to protect the mirror-finish chrome surface from water splashing off hands, making it appear even more elegant and pristine.

The impressive element of the side-controlled HANSASTELA is the one-piece cast, rectangular spout out of which flows a stream of clear water without added air. The swivel faucet spout offers the user added convenience. The high base is strikingly svelte – a look which is made possible by the 2.5 cartridge, which is just as high performance as it is compact. There are also new side-controlled looks available.

The new, side-controlled washbasin faucet HANSARONDA has a strikingly elegant and harmonious design concept. Thanks to its unique, clear design, HANSALIGNA faucet gives every bathroom a modern look.

Code: BathFaucet-Hansa6

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