Laufen Bathroom Vanity MIMO 4 Double Sink

Laufen Bathroom Vanity MIMO 4 Double Sink

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Laufen Bathroom Vanity MIMO 
Vanity unit, matches washbasin, 1 drawer, chrome handles.


Bathroom with star appeal: Ken would love it, Barbie too: mimo is a wonderful bathroom scenario of refreshing unconventionality and youthful exuberance. mimo toys with curvaceous rotundities and shimmering surfaces in pink, white and black. At the same time mimo is perfect for any room layout. Compact washbasins, WCs and bidets, not to mention a small bathtub, make the series the Mini of the bathroom fleet.

Although exquisite craftsmanship has always been a trademark of LAUFEN bath vanities, a great deal of thought goes into their design too. For several decades now, LAUFEN has had positive experience of the successful collaboration with outstanding architects and designers. In the development of new bathroom suite concepts, the expectations of the designer are met by the experience and precision of modelers, product developers and engineers. The shared objective: to shape the elegant materials as intelligently and pragmatically as possible while maximizing their aesthetic appeal, minimizing the impact on the environment while using resources as sparingly as possible. The company's bathroom vanity range is further enhanced by innovative material developments through the production of a near white porcelain body that allows smaller radii and a slimmer appearance. This interplay of creative design concepts and a precise manufacturing process using state-of-the-art technology facilitates an approach to the bathroom as an environment – an intelligent composition of the sum of its parts. The result: a highly functional and aesthetic product range. From ceramic sanitary ware, through to faucets, bathroom vanities and mirrors, to shower trays, bathtubs and whirl systems – in all price categories. At the same time, LAUFEN uses its knowledge and experience to achieve a high degree of individuality, in line with the wishes of our customers. As well as additional colors, surface finishes and motifs, made-to-measure bath sinks that can be cut to the required size are possible, also with short delivery times.

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