Neptune Bathtub Vapora F1 Freestanding

Neptune Bathtub Vapora F1 Freestanding


Neptune's one of modern luxury freestanding tubs, the Vapora F1 collection suites in timeless design provides for a relaxing bathroom. The simplicity of the Vapora bathtub makes it the perfect complement to your décor. Available in 36"x60", 36"x66" and 36"x72" as Whirlpool, or with Mass-air or/and Activ-air.

Total width :35 1/16 in.
Interior width (floor) :21 7/8 in.
Interior length (floor) : 43 5/16 in. / 49 5/16 in. / 55 5/16 in.
Interior width (top) :29 3/4 in.
Bath's total height :20 3/4 in.
Interior length (top) : 50 3/4 in. / 56 3/4 in. / 62 3/4 in.
Total length : 59 in. / 65 in. / 71 in.
Shape :Oval
Installation :Freestanding
Drain's position :Gauche
Maxi-comfort water depth :15 1/4 in.
Total weight without water : 98 lbs / 118 lbs / 137 lbs
Water capacity : 59 Imperial gallons / 70 Imperial gallons / 78 Imperial gallons
Number of bather :1

Neptune's offerings encompass a wide range of Canada-made bathroom products—bathtubs, showers, glass shower doors,bath sinks, toilets and faucets—along with a unique portfolio of refined equipment designed to blend seamlessly with all their units.

Neptune provides inspiring, well-thought out alcove, drop in and freestanding tubs with enough flexibility for you to mix, match, and create your own chic, bathroom signature. With Neptune tubs, everything is possible, and everything is simple. It's all yours to enjoy, a perfect balance of form and function.

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