Onsen Bath Vanity Class Collection 82cm

Onsen Bath Vanity Class Collection 82cm


Onsen Class Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

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Onsen's genetic code speaks about bathroom environments which are able to join elegance and rationality through the continuous research of always original solutions and can be recognized by the modern and refined impressions. Onsen provides bathroom vanities in various styles: single sink vanities, double sink vanities, wall hung vanities. 

With Onsen bath vanities, the bathroom becomes the natural habitat of everyone calling for practicality and efficiency without forgoing stylish details and elegant finishes.

The design and the development of the single sink wall hung vanity is carried out by Onsen Falegnameria Adriatica highly specialized technical staff, supported by all of the most modern software and hardware resources. In very short time Falegnameria Adriatica are able to work out the ideas and the indications of their clients; beginning from the rough draft, they develop 3D drawings with CAD software till the achievement of photo-realistic images by means of a rendering process. Later on Falegnameria Adriatica provides for technical sheets, handbooks, photos, brochures and other; all is realized in time, thanks to the nimbleness and the eclecticism of the technical office.

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