Victoria + Albert IOS Freestanding Bathtub

Victoria + Albert Bathtub IOS Freestanding


Victoria + Albert IOS Freestanding Bathtub. The compact, freestanding ios bathtub is aimed at the latest city apartments and en-suites where space is at a premium. A small bath with an impressive capacity that offers double ended bathing.

Height: 23 5/8”
Width: 31 5/8”
Depth: 16 1/4”
Length: 59 1/2”

Victoria + Albert Baths is a British brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding tubs and basins.
Formed in 1996 with a passion for bathtubs and bathing, the organization has a head office in the United Kingdom and dedicated South African production facilities. Today, Victoria + Albert’s international roots fuse together global design, sales and marketing operations with in-house manufacturing to deliver luxurious, lasting tubs.
From the very first freestanding tub being manufactured in South Africa, Victoria + Albert Baths have strived to become innovative product developers and market leaders within the freestanding bathtub market. New, exciting launches keep the brand at the forefront of international luxury bathtub design.

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