Zitta Bathtub Antika
Zitta Bathtub Antika

Zitta Bathtub Antika


Antika Freestanding Tub Features

  • 67″ x 31″ x 23 5/8″ (1700mm x 790mm x 600mm)
  • Classic lines
  • Double space
  • Deep immersion point
  • Symmetrical bathtub
  • Moulded with its base
  • Wide shoulder space
  • Slim border maximizes interior space
Inspired by the Victorian era, this bathtub blends modern and traditional. It will easily fit a combination of contemporary styles or create a perfectly romantic space. This beautiful and timeless soaker with rounded edges is large enough for two to comfortably enjoy a relaxing experience.

Code: Bathtub-Zitta3

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