Zucchetti Savoy 3 hole built-in basin mixer with aerator. External part

Zucchetti Savoy Wall Mount Bath Faucet

Faucet / Shower

"Classic versus contemporary" is the spirit of the Zucchetti Savoy bath faucets. Characterized by simple pure primary shapes Savoy is a project unique in its versatility and customization possibilities. Its many different finishes and decorative solutions for handles and covers give very different aesthetic results: design-oriented and minimal in matte black and white; classic but original in chrome teamed with top surfaces in burgundy ocean blue and/or bottle green refined and elegant in total chrome and/or platinum. The cylindrical handle is available opaque varnished lacquered or chromed while the standard cover comes either smooth or textured. Simple no-frills shapes are enriched by exclusive details and can be customized to meet the taste and needs of clients. Possible combinations are therefore infinite and always different. Savoy turns customization into decoration.

Code: BathFaucet-Zucchetti6


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