Accent Tiles

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Accent Tiles for the wall and floors

There are many ways to use tiles in floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor patios for many different purposes. Accent tiles can be used to break up the design pattern of a tile layout, to connect different areas to the same image and to add colours or shapes into any space. Accent tiles can be also utilized to create borders or to add some spice into a room.

You can create borders using colourful accent tiles. It is a common way to dress up plain tile floors or walls. Also, accent tiles can serve a functional purpose like borders that are useful to show where edges are. For example, when you use accent tiles as a boundary in outdoor patios where the edge of the patio meets the lawn, the outstanding colours of accent tiles can let visitors notice the change in levels in order to prevent accidents such as stumbling and falling.

Accent tiles incorporate a design theme into different rooms in your home. If you use specific colours for fabrics in pillows, curtains or couches in your living room, add matching colours to another area by using accent tiles. For instance, if the concept colour of your living room is blue, use blue accent tile borders to your kitchen backsplash or a part of walls in your kitchen room. It will offer a sense of unity in the two unlike areas with the blue touches.

Accent tiles can also be used to create a variety shapes or patterns and to make your space more attractive. For example, if you want to describe flower shapes or something on your wall, put colourful accent tiles in white or beige tiled walls, which will give the place charm. As for contemporary accent tiles, lots of companies offer many different colours, materials and sizes nowadays so that you can create lots of design that you can think of by mixing various accent tiles. This is commonly seen in foyers, entryways and hallways.

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Decorative Tile Collection:

  • Decorative Tiles : Decorative tiles are a great way to give a distinguishing look to your home and commercial spaces.
  • Decorative 3D Tiles: Decorative 3D wall tiles have textures and effects of light and shadow, which create a modern, luxurious and dynamic decor.
  • Decorative Floor Tiles: We carry a large selection of custom decorative flooring tiles for any application.
  • Decorative Wall Tiles: Adding decorative wall tiles will make your room come to life with interest and beauty.
  • Accent Tiles: Accent tiles can be used to break up the design pattern of a tile layout.
  • Accent Glass Tiles: Installation of borders using accent glass tiles is an easy way to bring a big impact in your space.
  • Bathroom Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the bathroom and shower stalls.
  • Kitchen Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the kitchen and backsplash.

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