Bathroom Tiles

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Decorative Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are places that you and your guests frequent.To make a nice comfortable place where you and your guests can relax, you can change your bathroom look dramatically by replacing your existing tiles with decorative bathroom tiles.When you start to install decorative bathroom tiles, you need to make sure that your tiles are clean. Although bathroom tile decorating is not complicated, if you want an easier process, you can simply replace some of the porcelain and ceramic tiles on the floor or wall. Even if the areas of the decorative tiles are not wide, they make a great improvement to your bathroom as decorative bathroom tiles have many colours, designs and material options.

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Iris Traditional Decorative Porcelain & Ceramic Tile - Velvet

A smooth revolution in decorative ceramics covering warm and rich like velvet. Earth and fire are the warps through which the weft yarns of prestigious Italian design are woven. The skillful hands of craftsmen make the Velvet tile line the most noble and precious covering for any environment.

tile saleIris Fashion Decorative Porcelain & Ceramic Tile - Romantica

Plays of light, contrasting pearly highlights and matt surfaces, new and precious ceramic surfaces for covering walls and floors with classical and natural shapes dedicated to the tactile aspect of the field of vision.

Decorative elements in relief and made of glass to show off a new trend in bathroom furnishing and interior wall and floor coverings, with materials certainly different from usual canons of tiles.

tiles for tubsRAK Decorative Ceramics Wall & Floor Tiles

RAK Ceramics produces a wide range of products in the Decorative Ceramic Tiles with products such as Wall Tiles and Floor tiles, High Gloss Rectified Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles, Decors, Listellos, Pencils & Capping, Floor Mosaics and Borders & Corners. Decorative Tiles are manufactured in a variety of sizes, from 10x10 cm up to 125x185 cm, the widest range offered in the ceramic field. A whole new range of new designs have been developed using Nanopix Digital Printing Technology.

RAK Decorative Ceramics Gres Porcellanato

RAK Ceramics produces an extremely wide range of products in Gres Porcellanato, the high-quality tiles with less than 0.5 % water absorption that is suitable for any ambience. Thousands of decorative tile models in Glazed and Polished porcelain are produced in various finishes backed by advanced technologies such as MDR, Double-Charge, Double-Charge with Soluble Salt, Dry Glaze, Twin Press and latest Digital Printing Technology. Finishes such as Rustic, Antique, Modern, Cotto, Stone, Brick and Marble are some of the wide range of effects on offer.
textured tilesDecorative Tile Collection:
  • Decorative Tiles : Decorative tiles are a great way to give a distinguishing look to your home and commercial spaces.
  • Decorative 3D Tiles: Decorative 3D wall tiles have textures and effects of light and shadow, which create a modern, luxurious and dynamic decor.
  • Decorative Floor Tiles: We carry a large selection of custom decorative flooring tiles for any application.
  • Decorative Wall Tiles: Adding decorative wall tiles will make your room come to life with interest and beauty.
  • Accent Tiles: Accent tiles can be used to break up the design pattern of a tile layout.
  • Accent Glass Tiles: Installation of borders using accent glass tiles is an easy way to bring a big impact in your space.
  • Bathroom Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the bathroom and shower stalls.
  • Kitchen Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the kitchen and backsplash.

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